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Was playing around with different progressions and picking patterns a few nights ago and remembered to hit record before I started. Tempo is all over the place, but thought someone in wikiland may want to have some fun with it.


September 14 2015 19:59:38
LieschingLiesching Yes Rob, this is just beautiful and a perfect template for the duet birdies. smile.gif
+2 September 15 2015 00:28:53 LieschingRobM
Thank you Marc smile.gif and yes, I am very humbled by the incredible remixes from Josh and Kell smile.gif
September 14 2015 18:36:51
PJEPJE Hey Rob you really inspired some great adds with this its beautiful : Fantasticsmile.gif
+2 September 15 2015 00:27:58 PJERobM
Thanks Pete smile.gif Those vocals from Josh and Kell are just incredible ... just so cool smile.gif
September 14 2015 16:14:46
HaffastHaffast This is such a wonderful track Rob! It's an absolutely gorgeous composition and has so much soul. On top of that, it is a pristine recording and sounds so crisp and clear! Wonderful!
+1 September 15 2015 00:27:05 HaffastRobM
Oh man, thank you Haff. Mate, really glad you liked it and appreciate your kind words smile.gif
September 15 2015 04:10:24 HaffastHaffast
This is top notch acoustic work, Rob. Without a doubt!
September 14 2015 14:29:45
heliandrosheliandros Wonderful Rob, sweet open harmonics. Lovely
+1 September 15 2015 00:26:08 heliandrosRobM
So very kind. Thank you Heli, really do appreciate your kind comments smile.gif
September 14 2015 12:43:50
nuno1959nuno1959 This is misleading publicity : it states PASTA in the label !!
I start listening & there's sauce, grated cheese, garlic even a glass of wine ?
I just fell out of bed so it's a rich breakfast but it tastes real good, can i have some more please ? Wink

+2 September 15 2015 00:25:14 nuno1959RobM
I have added electric meatballs remix but not uploaded yet .. hope you're still hungry LOL Wink
September 15 2015 02:03:32 nuno1959nuno1959
Always !! Wink
September 10 2015 16:46:49
PJEPJE Outstanding Rob - such a beautifully fine track with a wonderful sound smile.gif
+1 September 10 2015 23:43:44 PJERobM
Thank you so very much Pete smile.gif Glad you liked it friend smile.gif
September 10 2015 15:19:52
aleonzaleonz simply beautiful Rob!
+2 September 10 2015 23:43:15 aleonzRobM
You're so kind ...thank you Alice smile.gif
September 10 2015 11:08:16
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very nicesmile.gif
+1 September 10 2015 23:42:56 Lenny CowlerRobM
Thanks bro smile.gif
September 10 2015 09:22:30
MarianneMarianne Oh, Rob, this is such a sweet melody with such a sensitive touch and sentimental flair. How about some lyrics?? smile.gif
+1 September 10 2015 23:41:44 MarianneRobM
Thank you Marianne smile.gif As for lyrics, if you're offering, by all means smile.gif For me, I'm luck to string a sensible sentence together Wink I talk better through guitar Wink
September 11 2015 00:55:04 MarianneMarianne
Oh Rob, you needn't undervalue your worth of words or your guitar convey your heart through both mediums, and THAT is a wonderful gift you share with your fans! Lyrics? I may not have time until after the weekend...5 year old grandson is staying over, and he's a bundle of activity! smile.gif
September 11 2015 14:45:56 MarianneRobM
They are bundle of energy at 5 .....Enjoy Marianne .. The lyrics can wait smile.gif
September 10 2015 09:20:29
MishteriaMishteria This is sooo beautiful Rob!!smile.gif
+1 September 10 2015 23:40:39 MishteriaRobM
Thank you so very much Mish ... really glad you liked it smile.gif
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