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I really love the smooth grove of this song and though of just a lazy day walking down the street kickin a can... I'm new to this so my sound needs work and i'm not sure how to set the volumes right...But, hope you enjoy and add more.


June 07 2016 02:41:41
francisco alfrancisco al lindo bom trabalho tudo bom
December 24 2015 19:53:20
ItocpogoItocpogo Nice ideas that fits the mood of the song! Welcome to Wikiloops!
+1 January 15 2016 10:10:51 ItocpogoRonjae
December 22 2015 11:21:09
RonjaeRonjae Thanks Akchen
December 22 2015 08:48:37
AKchenAKchen wow, great !! welcome smile.gif
October 26 2015 05:29:48
WadeWade Welcome to the loops. Like where you are coming from in your playing. Keep practicing and feel free to ask about specific things you need help with.
+1 October 30 2015 07:58:17 WadeRonjae
Hey thanks wade.. Still very rusty in my jaw and fingers. My brain says one thing but it's all in translations to the rest of my body. Funny how that works..
October 30 2015 23:03:11 WadeWade
Sounds like you're coming from the right side musically. Too many practice mechanically...all brain.
October 02 2015 02:59:44
cody trippcody tripp Awesome !!!
+1 October 02 2015 19:47:45 cody trippRonjae
Thanks Cody I've been looking at some jams you have created and been inspired in an improve direction.. Hope to jam sometime.
October 02 2015 22:08:02 cody trippcody tripp
October 26 2015 05:30:55 cody trippWade
You will note Mr Cody is a man of few words and lots of music.
September 29 2015 03:15:19
MasterKMasterK Welcome Ronjae. Sounds good on this end.
Let your mind explore. There is no Wrong ! smile.gif

+1 October 01 2015 04:39:50 MasterKRonjae
Thanks MasterK appreciate your insight
September 12 2015 02:10:32
FishinmissioFishinmissio Welcome Ronjae..You'll get the recording thing down in time.
+1 September 12 2015 07:25:34 FishinmissioRonjae
Thanks fishinmissio it's the first time trying it out. I need a sound background to get it right. But I hope to not let you guys down. Really appreciate your support. I still have a day job so it's my hobbie to learn as much as I can.
September 11 2015 08:36:55
LutzLutz Welcome, Ronjae! You're playing the right notes, but you are right about sound smile.gif Much less reverb and delay and you'll fit much better in the overall sound of the band. Equilibrium is key there.
+2 September 11 2015 08:42:42 LutzRonjae
Thanks for all your insight. Also I'm a big fan of your playing so I'm learning.
October 26 2015 05:28:00 LutzWade
Good advice from Lutz.
Sounds like: [ smooth jazz ]
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