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An old jam from like 6 months ago. I have forgotten most of the details of it now. It was a $59 used Behringer GM110 amp...I remember that much lol.

The drum track is fairly heavily modified...which is sacrilege on such a nice drum track, but I wanted to experiment with compression and gating and phasing and this and that.


May 12 2016 10:37:57
GirardGirard HI it's me again here to offer support on this additional awesome jam lol.
March 09 2016 20:40:49
Ernie440Ernie440 Very cool progression .. are you singing around 3:10? Or is it a guitar effect .. ?? interesting! It sounds like voices to me.
+1 March 09 2016 20:56:22 Ernie440JonJon
hmm, I think it was a ollllldddddd Zoom 509 "Dual modulator" set with chorus and/or delay but probably also further stuff using the DAW (reverb etc). Like all of my stuff it was just something on the spot. I wish I was smart enough to write stuff down but I guess I like reinventing the wheel each time. It does have a sort of vocal choir effect to a degree though
March 09 2016 23:41:35 Ernie440Ernie440
Here's to old gear! Cheers.
September 14 2015 21:34:31
nuno1959nuno1959 Ooooh…. a $59 used Behringer amp !?
Not fair pulling out the heavy artillery on us poor unsuspecting civilians.. Grin but hey, it rocks !!

+1 September 15 2015 02:52:47 nuno1959JonJon
matched up well with the $149 used guitar with the still used strings lol
September 13 2015 07:14:47
allgirlallgirl great duo guys
September 13 2015 03:06:12
bhunt1bhunt1 this rocks!
Sounds like: [ Fat ] [ groove ] [ funky ]

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