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How to add to Carpenter's superb add without adding? By adding handclaps, that's how! Carpenter nailed - utterly nailed the feel and setting of the groove. Getting that soul/disco crossover perfectly.

So all that's been added here is a sequenced handclap on the 2 and 4 with extra syncopated ones every four bars. The handclaps are a combination of a real handclap sample and the classic TR-909 general midi one which works so well in every situation.

So here it is. More of the same but with some handclaps. Simples! But, to me, it genuinely helps give that '70s feel which Carpenter got so right!


September 19 2015 13:31:04
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Yep - nailed the vibe of the era... smile.gif
September 19 2015 08:02:10
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal
September 17 2015 03:49:27
mpointonmpointon It's funny. I've got more 'likes' for sticking a bunch of sequenced handclaps on the 2&4 on a track than for the original template..! Wink
+2 September 17 2015 04:14:24 mpointonTofzegrit
Because people like handclaps, while we clap our hands, we don't fight with smile.gif
September 17 2015 04:17:55 mpointonmpointon
Trop à droite, Tof. Quand puis-je profiter de votre plus? Wink
September 17 2015 04:23:02 mpointonTofzegrit
Translation goolol "too much on the right, when could I benefit from your more"...
I'm not sure about adding something here I work on "So lonely and Bruised"
September 17 2015 04:28:06 mpointonmpointon
LOL! Damn Google Translate!
September 18 2015 13:37:58 mpointonnuno1959
Well Martin, people fully realise how difficult it is to clap while holding a glass of red wine & NOT spilling any !!
I ALWAYS make a mess of it.. Grin Grin
September 16 2015 22:00:00
javocanchjavocanch very very cool! great jam!
September 16 2015 18:34:40
PJEPJE Very Clever Martin and just the right sound and feel - love the pace and flow here - perfect my friendsmile.gif
September 16 2015 17:56:56
UloisiusUloisius You really have a lot of rhythm in the blood my friend ;o)
September 16 2015 13:42:29
CarpenterCarpenter Thanks so much for this icing on the cake, Martin! Works fine with your classy drumwork.
I really enjoyed this jam smile.gif

September 16 2015 11:01:16
ÁdámÁdám Radio ready!
September 16 2015 07:22:19
MarceysMarceys Yeah!
September 16 2015 06:08:45
kimbokimbo ...very "charlie watts" if i may say so"

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