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Great track from Alice, mpointon and OliVBee. Did this earlier on using the sopranino. Wanted to give it a bash on Tenor. Bits at beginning, middle and a double up on the end that's kind of OK. Recorded in July and just getting around to the edit...more to come.


September 22 2015 18:18:12
nuno1959nuno1959 Now, this is what a call a luxury line up… & the result ?
As to be expected, EXCELLENT !! Wink

+1 September 22 2015 21:55:24 nuno1959Wade
They also had a good "line up" for the Valentines day massacre. Cheers...
September 22 2015 22:11:08 nuno1959nuno1959
Grin Grin
September 22 2015 01:21:53
PsychoPsycho Cool old detective movie style intro smile.gif
+1 September 22 2015 22:55:33 PsychoWade
Guess I've got to wear it. I'm old and occasionally slip into that film noir mode that's in my ears from the first time around. Can't live it down, mind as well live it up.

Cheers Psycho...good ears.
September 21 2015 19:36:47
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!! Excellent Wadesmile.gif
+1 September 21 2015 21:48:18 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. Very kind of you to have a listen.
September 21 2015 18:34:05
KeitonKeiton Perfect fit smile.gif
+1 September 21 2015 21:47:56 KeitonWade
Thanks Keiton. Wish I had perfect fit into my clothes...not made for old folks ya know.
September 21 2015 17:48:48
aduadu Nice to hear from you! Super sax as always, Mr. Wade smile.gif
+1 September 21 2015 21:46:54 aduWade
Too kind Mr Adu. Glad you like and took the time to listen. Thanks.
September 21 2015 14:27:57
heliandrosheliandros Great sax addition, fits perfectly where it has to be... smile.gif
+1 September 21 2015 21:46:08 heliandrosWade
Didn't "need" me at all (excellent track on its own), but glad you like the fit.

September 21 2015 13:55:44
GlezBassGlezBass Perfect as usual
+1 September 21 2015 21:43:25 GlezBassWade
Perfect? Not quite, but appreciate the comment. Cheers GB
September 21 2015 13:20:20
FishinmissioFishinmissio Good to hear you back Wade.."Slinky" I think would be the term for your playing here. Nice bends on those notes smile.gif
+1 September 21 2015 21:42:40 FishinmissioWade
Thanks Mark! Guess I'd be placed in the "slithering" house.
September 21 2015 13:15:24
aleonzaleonz Your sax always give that very great mood and feelin Wade, it's always beautiful to see how you pampering the song, thank you so much Wade for giving another color to this little song of mine smile.gif
+1 September 21 2015 21:41:37 aleonzWade
Always a pleasure to snuggle up to your fine tunes.
September 21 2015 12:22:02
StefStef Great feeling in your sax phrasing Wade!
+1 September 21 2015 21:40:47 StefWade
Greatly appreciate the compliment. Thanks Stef.
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