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I started playing this to try and work out what to play. I didn't make too many mistakes so I've left it as a first take. I'm sure I'll revisit this track again because Cody's template is sooo good.


January 12 2016 19:54:20
AcousticegAcousticeg We have a lot in common in the music that inspires us, great playin Davet.
+1 January 12 2016 20:47:48 Acousticegdavet
Thanks its not as precise as your playing but at the age of 60 ive just started taking lessons!!
November 25 2015 03:43:30
petebasspetebass Hi Davet! Lovely guitar work blends perfect with codys track!!!!!
+1 November 25 2015 17:55:21 petebassdavet
Thanks Pete, Cody is a genius in my eyes, i always feel slighty in awe when adding to his tracks cos they are so good.
October 01 2015 14:59:37
LieschingLiesching Awesome, Davet!
+1 October 01 2015 15:19:29 Lieschingdavet
Thanks I appreciate you listening. I don't know where Cody gets the time or inspiration for all his great soundscapes.
October 01 2015 15:23:37 LieschingLiesching
Neither I have no idea! smile.gif He´s amazing. You did a great job on this template, man.
September 23 2015 00:49:05
garymcmillgarymcmill One can tell you really liked this template by cody. Well done!
+1 September 23 2015 01:11:33 garymcmilldavet
Oh I love the template.i will return to this track... When I've had some time in my thoughtful spot.
September 23 2015 00:40:16
PsychoPsycho Love it man !!
+1 September 23 2015 00:42:19 Psychodavet
Thanks a lot its is a genuine 1st take no adds so it needs work. I was pleased with some of the ideas though.
September 22 2015 16:59:41
cody trippcody tripp AWESOME !! Love it !!
+1 September 22 2015 19:43:39 cody trippdavet
Thanks Cody, your tracks are the star I'm a bit player in some of your marvelous movies.

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