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Lenny Cowler
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So sorry guys!
Had it first upload to the wrong place, because without my glasses I can not see what is happen at my screen, my eyes are getting really old, like the residual of this scruffy body. LOL
More sports please....
Thank you guys for this fantastic work, was a bit work but huge fun! :) Hope you can like it!


January 04 2016 05:06:54
AleksandarAleksandar U2+Yes? Nice guitar playing!
+1 January 20 2016 07:04:38 Aleksandarfrankyguitar
Grin YES . Great ear!!
Thank you very much for listen!!
September 27 2015 23:02:14
GirardGirard Nice information section too Grin

Don't worry Franky it's great

+1 September 27 2015 23:05:17 Girardfrankyguitar
Thanx Girard smile.gif
September 27 2015 23:12:04 GirardGirard
You are more than just a residual of your "former glory" lmao
September 27 2015 23:14:49 Girardfrankyguitar
Yes my friend in German we say Oldy but goldy... smile.gif
September 27 2015 17:28:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler smile.gif
+1 September 27 2015 17:41:45 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thanx Lennysmile.gif
September 27 2015 09:17:51
GirardGirard ho ho ho!; 1:15 Grin Super job Frankius! Jamius Maxim! Again, better and better and better every time it seems like!!! You go, Green boat crasher!
+1 September 27 2015 18:29:36 Girardfrankyguitar
Thankius Maximus Grin Was total fun with this nice track. Reminds me at the great works from the 70' from Yes or Genesis... smile.gif
September 27 2015 22:47:49 GirardGirard
Yes and Genesis two great great bands! Grin
September 26 2015 22:00:22
AKchenAKchen klasse !!! Wink
+1 September 27 2015 01:08:51 AKchenfrankyguitar
Dankeschön! Super das es Dir auch gefällt smile.gif ich steh auf dieses Zeug! smile.gif
September 26 2015 14:43:30
LieschingLiesching Super "geklampft" smile.gif, lieber Franky! Great track, all of you! Congrats.
+1 September 26 2015 14:56:15 Lieschingfrankyguitar
Lieben Dank Marc. Das Ganze war einfach zu gut um nur daneben zu stehen. Um so besser wenn ich mich noch über die schönen Kommentare freuen kann, smile.gif
September 26 2015 09:10:39
UloisiusUloisius absolut cool, hat so was 70er Jahre mäßiges, klasse ;o)
+1 September 26 2015 13:26:30 Uloisiusfrankyguitar
Uli, ja das hat so was von Artrock Fusion, oder so. Liegt aber sich in erster Linie an den anderen Jungs. Ich habe nur ein bisschen geklampft smile.gif
September 26 2015 14:19:40 UloisiusUloisius
Stell dein Licht nicht unter den Scheffel franky, du bist ein Teil des ganzen und ohne dich wäre es nicht das was es ist ;o)
September 26 2015 14:27:47 Uloisiusfrankyguitar
smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Dankeschön Uli
September 26 2015 04:25:24
PsychoPsycho One of the finer pieces I've heard you play... great job... kudos my man !!
+1 September 26 2015 12:40:40 Psychofrankyguitar
Thank you very much, not play at one line, but with fun my friend. smile.gif
September 26 2015 03:38:20
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice add Franky, wonderful flow, a very cool mix !! Wink
+1 September 26 2015 12:36:10 nuno1959frankyguitar
Thank you nuno, I'm glad you think so smile.gif
September 26 2015 00:00:52
BabbazittBabbazitt YEAH!!
+1 September 26 2015 00:30:42 Babbazittfrankyguitar
Thank you Ian, I'm pleased you like it smile.gif

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