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Latin and Jazz. That's two styles of music! ;)

This pattern is partly inspired by Gregory Porter's excellent track '1960 What?' and is just a latin-style jazz pattern (or jazz-style latin pattern?). There's no real structure to it, I'm largely just playing the same thing round and round for three minutes mostly because it took a fair bit of work to be able to play it smoothly and introducing complex fills would've just made me trip over myself!

Took all the damping off my drums, tuned up the tom tom, used my 17" crash cymbal as a ride cymbal and mixed largely using the overheads to try and get a bit more clatter to the sound.

No idea what you guys can do with it but a nice bit of upright bass wouldn't go amiss! The title, apart from riffing on Gregory Porter's title, is a pun on the year I was born.


HD drums have no reverb on them.


August 22 2016 04:22:51
PDMuzakPDMuzak Very complex--from a gifted drummer.. Thanks
+1 August 22 2016 12:26:39 PDMuzakmpointon
Thank you, PD! smile.gif
January 31 2016 21:34:21
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr A great fool drumin' here smile.gif
November 27 2015 23:33:57
jcgbass123jcgbass123 This setup and sound is so classic. You could nail down just about anything from the Doors. How about a little Riders on the Storm? I love the sound!
+1 November 28 2015 13:00:08 jcgbass123mpointon
Thanks, jcg. Just had a listen to Riders On The Storm (I don't really know my Doors) and I do know it. I'll see if I can come up with a template based on it. Always glad to try out new recordings.
September 30 2015 19:37:09
mpointonmpointon If it'll help people, it will line up to a metronome in a DAW. I'm happy to supply a version with the click on it too. 😀
September 30 2015 15:06:55
barkndogbarkndog Great stuff Martin! I think all of us really appreciate how you are always looking for new beats and styles - very inspiring!
September 30 2015 06:54:19
aleonzaleonz cool and steady drums ride, oh i can hear the melody playing in my head , this is so cool Martin!
September 30 2015 02:39:39
Blind-DogBlind-Dog SICK!
September 30 2015 02:03:58
nuno1959nuno1959 That's not drumming Martin, that's evil !! Grin Grin
Fantastic track, absolutely great..

September 29 2015 22:11:57
kimbokimbo not as simple as take five ....but elements make my brain start working that way...hmm... sorry going on the "to do" list. .....thats it right there....its mullered!
+1 September 30 2015 19:45:00 kimbompointon
I agree it's not as intuitive as, say, Take Five. As I mention above, happy to supply a copy with the click on for recording.
September 29 2015 22:11:47
FrankMilFrankMil This could go anywhere , nice blank slate you have constructed here Martin
Sounds like: [ Gregory Porter ] [ jazz latin ] [ Martin Pointon ] [ 1960 What ]

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