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Love this track from Zamzam and the way it morphs and changes mode and mood.


October 01 2015 08:01:51
BigDaddyCeeBigDaddyCee Mellow piece Wade....really enjoying this.....
+2 October 01 2015 20:59:40 BigDaddyCeeWade
Hey Big Daddy! I think this is the first I've had a comment from you...I guess you are a very discerning guy. Glad this one rated a comment. My sincere thanks.
October 01 2015 21:30:55 BigDaddyCeeBigDaddyCee
not at all Wade....most times when I'm on here i'm either at work listening or in the car....I'm actually on vacation for a I had time to actually listen and comment last night....but i listen to your stuff all the time man....
October 01 2015 21:43:56 BigDaddyCeeWade
Very kind of you! Hope you are having a great to see the Autumn colors?
October 01 2015 06:38:20
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler It´s fantastic Wade, very nicesmile.gif
October 01 2015 04:39:53
PsychoPsycho Man, One of the best nights for music in a while, must be something in the air... Wade, you have been blessed... this is amazing !!
+1 October 01 2015 20:57:19 PsychoWade
Blushing for myself...good observation on lots of fine music happening. Remnants of the blood moon? Thanks Psycho.
October 01 2015 00:47:10
ZamzamZamzam Nice and very close to the performance version :-)
+1 October 01 2015 20:56:13 ZamzamWade
So glad you approve. I just love this one from you. Sweet and sour is one of my favorite foods.
October 01 2015 00:32:56
aleonzaleonz your sax sounds stunning Wade, the melody you play is so exotic...just perfect!
+1 October 01 2015 20:55:02 aleonzWade
Thanks Alice. All due to Zamzam's wonderful template. All the clues/information are there.
October 01 2015 00:21:15
kimbokimbo nailed... know the melody somehow?! old movie or something. playlisted!
+1 October 01 2015 20:53:50 kimboWade
I didn't know there was a melody here. There is certainly a wonderful template from Zamzam. I'm just trying my best to fit with the shifting mode. Glad you like and love your add.
October 01 2015 00:15:44
FishinmissioFishinmissio Superb job Wade..This is way good smile.gif
+1 October 01 2015 20:51:48 FishinmissioWade
Thanks Mark. I really love playing Alto. sometimes it just feels like "the right sax"
September 30 2015 23:07:17
cody trippcody tripp EXCELLENT. Difficult one to play to. You nailed it
+1 October 01 2015 20:50:41 cody trippWade
Thanks Cody. Yea, shifting in such a nice way. Easy to be somewhere else.

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