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Just love this and couldn't leave it alone...will do penance later. show lyrics


July 26 2016 17:49:32
GemmyFGemmyF Come do some penance other places! Nice Play!
+1 July 27 2016 00:21:02 GemmyFWade
Ha! will do what I can and hopefully not be so dumb as to try what I can't.
November 03 2015 09:37:21
Jens-HJens-H Awesome playing and sound Wade smile.gif
+1 November 03 2015 22:09:57 Jens-HWade
Thanks Jens-H! Really dirtied up those clean lines of OliVBee's but has so much fun doing it. Mea culpa.
October 29 2015 17:45:35
haddockhaddock Missed this one, excellent playing as usual! Bass is now added and uploaded!
+2 October 30 2015 02:26:14 haddockWade
Thanks so much Haddock. Really appreciate your listen and even more your adding good!
October 07 2015 04:44:37
mpointonmpointon This is a public beg for a bass player to add here. What a track. Please, please, please, with sugar on. This stem utterly deserves and needs one.
+1 October 08 2015 10:04:31 mpointonWade
Absolutely agree! Extra please with maple syrup.
October 03 2015 17:34:04
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent addsmile.gif
+1 October 03 2015 21:57:58 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny! Glad you like.
October 03 2015 10:55:09
ShiShi and what a lovely surprise Wade...I like this a lot Wink no penance required Grin
+1 October 03 2015 21:56:39 ShiWade
Thanks Shi. Yes penance required. Was so good as it was. Very self indulgent to jump on this. No self-restraint...bad,bad boy.
October 04 2015 12:36:01 ShiShi
hmmmm not self-indulgent at all Wade....glad you added your special touch smile.gif
October 04 2015 22:35:23 ShiWade
So kind of you and glad you like. As someone "adding" I always ask myself if this track "needs" something I can give it. Sometimes an addition (hopefully) does make it better. This one didn't need me at all. Was perfect as it was. So, from my point of view it's self indulgence.
October 03 2015 05:10:03
cody trippcody tripp Genius !!!
+1 October 03 2015 21:55:23 cody trippWade
Thanks Cody. Appreciate the listen.
October 03 2015 02:01:05
ivaxivax fantastic Wade
+1 October 03 2015 21:55:03 ivaxWade
Thanks Xavi. Just having fun.
October 03 2015 01:26:27
mpointonmpointon Yeah, less than seconds in and I hit the thumb. You are a pro through and through. Wonderful, wonderful playing, Wade.
+1 October 03 2015 21:54:46 mpointonWade
Love the rhythm you and OliVBee lay down on this and just wanted to be in there.
October 03 2015 01:05:20
PsychoPsycho Glad you didn't resist... I like your approach with the following patterns... super pro stuff bro smile.gif
+1 October 03 2015 21:53:00 PsychoWade
The idea was OK. Execution is a bit sloppy...but hey I'm just a jammer reacting to what's heard.
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