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This is one I messed with before I found wikiloops. I abandoned it because I wasn't getting anywhere with it.
It's still a bit messy, but with help from you guys on mixing, I think it's better now. Very simple three chord jam with some strum and picking changes.
This could be a simple jam or with the right ideas go straight into a full blown power ballad. Whatcha all got?
Adds are always welcome on anything I do here.

It appears we have some friends here that are feeling a bit low... this is for all of those folks and to feeling good again :)


August 02 2016 01:29:42
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Missed this one !! Awesome track Psy !!
March 02 2016 21:37:53
MidoruMidoru Most excellent template!
+1 March 02 2016 23:18:01 MidoruPsycho
Thanks M smile.gif
March 01 2016 09:47:38
XXXdustyXXXdusty great temp for a song
+1 March 02 2016 23:17:45 XXXdustyPsycho
Thanks Dusty smile.gif
October 06 2015 14:56:24
LieschingLiesching Another fantastic template, Psy! Wade and you built such a hynotizing duet piece. Awesome my friend...
+1 October 06 2015 21:52:45 LieschingPsycho
Thanks Marc, yes, Wade is amazing with that sax. I love his track smile.gif
October 04 2015 11:08:11
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine song Psycho!Wink
+1 October 04 2015 17:27:41 akethesnakerPsycho
Thanks ake, you should put your Gary Moore suit on smile.gif
October 03 2015 23:44:51
abuitremoremabuitremorem sounds very good smile.gif
+1 October 04 2015 17:26:13 abuitremoremPsycho
Thanks abu smile.gif
October 03 2015 21:37:08
WadeWade This is very lovely. Glad you persisted.
+1 October 03 2015 22:53:47 WadePsycho
Thanks Wade, it's for you guys smile.gif
October 03 2015 17:33:28
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent tracksmile.gif
+1 October 03 2015 17:37:23 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thank you Lenny smile.gif
October 03 2015 12:04:33
RobMRobM Maaaaate ... This is fantastic..... No abandonment with this one Wink
+1 October 03 2015 13:29:12 RobMPsycho
Thanks Rob, I didn't ever plan to delete it, but I did get frustrated and stalled out on it. At the time I felt it needed more plus I misplaced it. At that time I had found loops, and began my adventures here. The track never did get more, just three chords arraigned to sound OK, and that works here because others can help make it better
October 03 2015 08:15:31
MarianneMarianne So very thoughtful and kind of you! smile.gif
+1 October 03 2015 10:33:34 MariannePsycho
I feel a song coming smile.gif
October 04 2015 09:34:43 MarianneMarianne
Let it come! smile.gif
Sounds like: [ rock ] [ ballad ]

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