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added vocals and some slide at the end~~

Do you ever talk to Jesus?
Like He was your one true friend.
Do you ever talk to Jesus?
Like He was your one true friend.

If you just ask Him
He'll forgive all of your sins.

Do you ever talk to Jesus?
Morning noon or night?
Do you ever talk to Jesus?
Morning noon or night?

He'll take you outta the darkness
And bring you into the Light

Do you ever talk to Jesus?
When life seems too much to bear.
Do you ever talk to Jesus?
When life seems too much to bear.

Your friends may desert you
but Jesus will always be there.
You know He will.


October 05 2015 03:02:20
WadeWade No, I don't talk to Jesus..but I listen to good blues.
+2 October 06 2015 09:36:59 WadeMarianne
I love blues as well, Wade!
October 04 2015 23:42:24
fannefanne awesome blues !!
October 04 2015 18:42:16
PsychoPsycho Love it cody... fine theme smile.gif
October 04 2015 16:12:45
DrumshticksDrumshticks Great lyrics Cody glad you uploaded this.He came to be a servant not to be served.D
+2 October 06 2015 09:37:53 DrumshticksMarianne
Amen!.....and to save. smile.gif
October 04 2015 11:54:14
UloisiusUloisius so nice ;o)
October 04 2015 10:51:44
akethesnakerakethesnaker Bravo! Great lyrics and vocal, awesome slide too!smile.gif
October 04 2015 10:43:53
AKchenAKchen I have read "ein Mensch namens Jesus" (a human called Jesus), don´t know, if it´s translated in english ... and afterwards I had much talking with him Wink ... lovely song smile.gif
+2 October 06 2015 09:44:04 AKchenMarianne
Ich kann mir mein Leben Ohne Jesus nicht vorstellen; er war Mensch auf der Erde um uns zu zeigen das er weiss wie es um uns steht, das er uns nachfuehlen kann in jedem Bereich. Aber er war und ist auch Gott, damit wir ihm vertrauen koennen das seine Plaene fuer uns keine Chance oder Fate sind. smile.gif
October 04 2015 10:04:13
jmrukkersjmrukkers Brilliant Cody, your voice sounds really great it this register, and you deliver it so well.
October 04 2015 09:18:57
MarianneMarianne Yes, I do, Tom. I wouldn't survive in this broken world without talking to Him about all the sorrows and sins we experience here on earth. To know how much I am loved by Him, that He died for me, He who knew no sin, is my hope and peace and joy on my journey to Him one day. Thank you for this beautiful and timely reminder. Such a great Track, guys! smile.gif
October 04 2015 07:43:16
allgirlallgirl wonderful song, Tom and crew.

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