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To try and make this more appealing than it already is would be a tough task, so I simply added the essence of how I felt when hearing it.
What a beautiful work by Blind-Dog and thank you for the opportunity my friend.
I added an intro, and outro. The intro is longer than I planned, but there is still a good two minutes of space left.
Please join me if you wish.


June 28 2016 09:25:12
WoodstockWoodstock Great one!! smile.gif
+1 June 29 2016 02:54:04 WoodstockPsycho
Thanks buddy... just heard your add... awesome to say the least smile.gif
October 15 2015 17:48:25
PJEPJE You did superb with this man smile.gif great inspiration and can feel the emotion in this Big P, my friend smile.gif
+1 October 15 2015 22:10:15 PJEPsycho
Thank you good buddy of the musical world for the nice words... if I had to pick, this has to be one of favorites smile.gif
October 11 2015 17:31:58
jjdfjjdf very nice! Wink
+1 October 11 2015 20:13:28 jjdfPsycho
Thank you jj... I am beginning to like these piano challenges more and more smile.gif
October 11 2015 13:08:57
ivaxivax great psych,fantastic
+1 October 11 2015 16:32:20 ivaxPsycho
Thank you very much ivax... I think I'm growing mellower in old age. But I think I like it better that way smile.gif
October 09 2015 03:10:10
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great one! Fine melodic playing.
+1 October 09 2015 20:01:38 akethesnakerPsycho
Thank you ake... smile.gif
October 08 2015 02:24:52
cody trippcody tripp Killer
+1 October 08 2015 02:30:45 cody trippPsycho
Thanks cody... means a lot smile.gif
October 07 2015 22:56:57
frenziefrenzie tastfull and nice, good job!
+1 October 08 2015 00:07:11 frenziePsycho
Thank you, I must give all the credit to Blind-Dog. Such a fine track to work with smile.gif
October 07 2015 06:08:32
Blind-DogBlind-Dog WOW....You took it to a whole new place...gave it so much depth!!!
+1 October 07 2015 06:33:27 Blind-DogPsycho
Thanks Blind-Dog... this is now one the many favorites I have contributed to. I do thank you for such a wonderful work to play to smile.gif
October 07 2015 05:07:36
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent brosmile.gif
+1 October 07 2015 06:33:54 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thanks my friend smile.gif
October 07 2015 04:11:24
aleonzaleonz it's so wonderful to listen your guitar sing through this track, bittersweet..the emotion delivered very well Big Psy!
+1 October 07 2015 06:39:37 aleonzPsycho
Thank you Big Al... Our time zones must be far apart. Are you just getting up? It is midnight here. Anyway, I really appreciate the very nice comments smile.gif
October 09 2015 13:40:59 aleonzaleonz
12 hours a head I guess heheheh but I rarely sleep LOL
October 09 2015 19:59:27 aleonzPsycho
Oh, but you need to sleep. Not good to wear your pretty self out.

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