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Great line-up...wanted to be in there so did a small section at the beginning and towards the end. Thanks for the space and great track. Am overseas tomorrow so may be my last for a lyrics


October 26 2015 01:33:34
WadeWade A tough assignment singing along with this fine track from Acousticeg. Good fit!
October 25 2015 11:41:29
TelemetryTelemetry Well done add. smile.gif
+2 October 26 2015 01:31:31 TelemetryWade
Thanks for the listen and comment. Greatly appreciated!
October 07 2015 10:38:17
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Superb Wade, Love this add, small, but it give it the right colour!!
+0 October 08 2015 10:19:26 frankyguitarWade
Small is often good for so many reasons. I like backing others to see if I can add color and show respect for what they have done.
October 07 2015 07:33:44
FrankMilFrankMil smooth as always - love the break
+1 October 08 2015 10:17:35 FrankMilWade
Thanks Frank! Glad for the listen and that you like.
October 07 2015 05:15:44
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!!It´s super idea and play my friendsmile.gif
+1 October 08 2015 10:16:56 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. I'm at the edge of my rhythmic limits here...maybe dropped off a little, but trying none the less.
October 07 2015 04:33:20
aleonzaleonz ah you go somewhere again Wade, thank you for this gift before you take a little break, your presence always a joy to listen, great opening , and stunning outro...lovely! love it!
+1 October 08 2015 10:15:27 aleonzWade
Alice! So good to hear you are OK with this add. I try to have respect and not clobber any of your fine singing. Am now 4000km closer, but not close enough for us to have a jam...still working on it.
October 06 2015 23:27:31
DannyKDannyK Tasty add!
+1 October 08 2015 10:13:21 DannyKWade
Thanks dannyk! We like tasty...still working on these snappy rhythms to get them a bit fresher.
October 06 2015 21:18:20
PsychoPsycho Another fine job my friend smile.gif
+1 October 08 2015 10:11:37 PsychoWade
Thanks Psycho. Just a quick few diddles...hopefully not detracting.
October 06 2015 21:15:57
OliVBeeOliVBee cool presence ! nice song all together smile.gif have a safe trip !!
+1 October 08 2015 10:07:30 OliVBeeWade
OliVBee! Thanks for the listen, comment anwishes. I arrived safely...Now just a week or so of work here before I can play.
October 06 2015 21:15:21
ShiShi always a treat to hear you play Wade and a nice addition to this cool track smile.gif
+1 October 08 2015 10:10:45 ShiWade
Thanks Shi. Love backing singers. RESPECT!!!
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