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Well,..most of my guitars are always trio...probably I wanted to have another 2 of myself :)


October 21 2015 10:11:36
JeebsieJeebsie smile.gif
+1 October 28 2015 05:45:24 Jeebsiekennyadry
October 07 2015 17:50:03
sheltonshelton Lovely smile.gif
+0 October 07 2015 21:28:56 sheltonkennyadry
Thank you Shelton! smile.gif
October 07 2015 16:25:06
titititi My nephew!!!
You have a unique writing style!
Feel you of the melody is big, and all your stories are beautiful.
I like your changes of chords. He are always brilliant...
Beautiful for many reasons smile.gif

+0 October 07 2015 21:28:22 titikennyadry
You always give the nicest compliments...Thank you so much Uncle Titi! smile.gif
October 07 2015 07:36:13
FrankieJFrankieJ Three is a charm. (:

+1 October 07 2015 21:27:13 FrankieJkennyadry
Thank you Frankie! Nice coming from a great guitar player from you!
October 07 2015 04:20:09
aleonzaleonz you can dress up with so many kind of style but you always have that red kenny line full of sweet melodies, that make found the "you" in your play , lovely just so lovely Kenny!
+1 October 07 2015 07:26:01 aleonzkennyadry
Coming from a great musician and singer as you! I appreciate it a lot Alice smile.gif thank u great sis!
October 07 2015 03:25:40
mpointonmpointon Loving the 'Pulp Fiction' intro! Lulling me into thinking it was something different from what came.

You are a veritable chameleon with your guitar, Kenny. One minute smashing out riffs like Eddie Van Halen has you at gunpoint, the next stuff like this; so sensual, so feeling and just so damn good.

In truth, I'd love to add to this but I have no idea - none at all - what to do. Your playing and stylistic versatility is up there. This is a beautiful piece. Love it, even though I will have to pass on this one, much as I don't want to. I cannot add what does not need adding.

+1 October 07 2015 07:24:38 mpointonkennyadry
Hi martin! Thanks a bunch man! For some reason i forgot how many bpm i did set this Sad was to in a hurry to get it uploaded because of the on and off internet here at home! Would certainly love your adds as i know ut never dissapoints and totally rocks!
October 07 2015 00:08:16
RobMRobM So can we call this Stereo Kenny 3ways heheheh smile.gif
Really beautiful sound friend !! smile.gif smile.gif

+0 October 07 2015 07:20:21 RobMkennyadry
Yes you may call that Rob! smile.gif thank u so much my friend smile.gif
October 06 2015 23:44:53
PsychoPsycho Three Kenny's... goodness smile.gif Some kind of magic my friend... great work !!
+1 October 07 2015 07:19:17 Psychokennyadry
Thank u psycho! Glad it did some magic in u smile.gif
October 06 2015 22:38:11
TofzegritTofzegrit Master of Ballad! Grace and siren's singin'
Bravo Kennies the Kenny Kenny smile.gif

+1 October 06 2015 22:43:00 Tofzegritkennyadry
Thank you Tonton! Grin
October 06 2015 22:50:53 TofzegritTofzegrit
..and your is "ton" so "your uncle tof"
Grin TonTonTonTof Grin
October 07 2015 07:26:53 Tofzegritkennyadry
I see Wink okay uncle!
October 07 2015 16:18:28 Tofzegrittiti
Two French Tonton Grin

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