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Great stuff here guys. This reminded me of the good old days when we just plugged in, went for it, and anything goes. Those were some fun times and fine memories :)


October 18 2015 00:56:07
abuitremoremabuitremorem yes - i like this solo smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
October 10 2015 22:52:54
WadeWade Yes, playing should be FUN!
+1 October 11 2015 01:14:00 WadePsycho
Yes it should... I need to stop when tired smile.gif
October 10 2015 21:06:56
ivaxivax yeah!!!great Psych
+1 October 10 2015 21:16:52 ivaxPsycho
Thanks ivax... had a blast smile.gif
October 10 2015 12:55:51
UloisiusUloisius yeeaaah, good, honest, handmade rock, Hats off ;o)
+1 October 10 2015 14:44:37 UloisiusPsycho
Thank you Uli... I appreciate and really like that comment... very cool smile.gif
October 10 2015 12:42:46
bhunt1bhunt1 this is a heavy jam - I like smile.gif
+1 October 10 2015 14:42:19 bhunt1Psycho
Thanks bh... do you ever just lose it when playing? That's what I was feeling here smile.gif
October 10 2015 10:09:50
frankyguitarfrankyguitar .... and this one here go great!!! This is the stuff for my man!!! Straight Ahead!!! Grin
+1 October 10 2015 14:40:36 frankyguitarPsycho
I went crazy franky. I always sit when recording, but I put on the strap and stood for this one. I had fun with it, like being a kid again smile.gif
October 11 2015 22:16:51 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
I do also sit! But the last days I have a problem with my right leg. Always it is sleep in, you know what I mean? Also I put the strap on and recordet a bit punk stuff, maybe it is punk, but I think the mix is not ready yet. And it's fun to play while standing. My First try..... smile.gif
October 10 2015 09:34:20
jmrukkersjmrukkers Sweet! Has a wild free feel to it, real cool
+1 October 10 2015 14:37:40 jmrukkersPsycho
Thank you jm... I just went for it, no thought, not remembering the recorder was on... yes, then wild freedom hit. And I let it stand as is smile.gif
October 10 2015 08:30:47
TofzegritTofzegrit When back was not so silver? Wink
I'm sure you have more fun now

+1 October 10 2015 14:33:07 TofzegritPsycho
Oh Tof, you make me laugh... good medicine. Yes, Now I have more fun as a silver geezer. Man I can't stop laughing.... whew !!
October 10 2015 15:52:55 TofzegritTofzegrit
I appreciate a lot our "Ping Pong" fun commenting smile.gif
October 10 2015 07:47:49
AKchenAKchen super Psycho, cool old new stuff Wink
+1 October 10 2015 07:56:52 AKchenPsycho
Yes, that's the perfect definition for this wildness... thanks AK smile.gif
October 10 2015 07:28:28
GirardGirard Incoming. Great Jam P!!!!!
+1 October 10 2015 07:29:41 GirardPsycho
Thanks G... this is true Psyco music !!
October 10 2015 07:55:41 GirardPsycho
I can't even spell my own name... that's not a good sign Sad
October 10 2015 07:56:41 GirardGirard
LMAO remember when I called you Pycho one time lol
October 10 2015 08:00:01 GirardPsycho
Yes, I think it's been spelled in all ways possible... kinda like Pico smile.gif
October 10 2015 08:02:01 GirardGirard
WEll I said it like Pie-CO
Sounds like: [ hard rock ]

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