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Going for a duet with Acousticeg on his gorgeous Adela. Trying to keep the Spanish Classical flavor (with a sax?...what am I thinking???


October 19 2015 10:07:06
AcousticegAcousticeg So glad to have you join me on this. As you know I am a fan of your music and love the Spanish flavored sax. Ü
+1 October 19 2015 12:01:21 AcousticegWade
Spanish sax indeed! You have shoulders big enough to carry us in this and absorb my attempt at a rather too technical interpretation. Not completely apologizing as I love your piece and it pushed me in a good way to try and fit in.
October 18 2015 17:55:52
aleonzaleonz you make such a wonderful dialog with A's guitar, your sax singin so gorgeous on this track Wade!
+1 October 18 2015 23:01:56 aleonzWade
Thanks Alice. Glad you like. I have "reservations", but am certainly happy that you enjoyed it.
October 17 2015 14:06:46
LieschingLiesching I´m with Rob! Beautiful spanish vibe. An outstanding duet indeed this is!
+1 October 18 2015 00:22:10 LieschingWade
Thanks Marc. There are aspects of this that accomplish the goal, but it's unfortunately not altogether that good. Will make a good benchmark for me to compare with in future technically difficult pieces and see if I can muster better flow and feel.
October 17 2015 00:18:05
RobMRobM As soon as I saw you two together, my fist thought was "This is going to be gorgeous" and I was not disappointed. Beautiful music right here !!! smile.gif
+2 October 18 2015 00:17:25 RobMWade
Very kind of you Rob. This is more of an exercise. A very humbling one at that.
October 16 2015 20:40:04
ShiShi love this musical conversation from you both smile.gif it dances and glides
+1 October 16 2015 23:29:45 ShiWade
Very kind of you Shi. This was a difficult exercise for a jammer type like me. Was concentrating on counterpoint, duet, harmony, and rhythms. I'm hearing far too many bad attacks and the flow is not that good. Well hard to have all elements when trying to push the boundaries. Got to do something that's a stretch once in a while.
October 17 2015 09:50:04 ShiShi
Don't you think sometimes that we are our own worst critics smile.gif
October 18 2015 00:15:48 ShiWade
Probably a good idea to be self critical...keeps you growing and the ego at bay. Although there are plenty of fine musicians with critical ears around here there is no culture of giving constructive criticisms...just "compliments". From my own perspective I'd rather have ten critical comments than one meaningless "cool".
October 16 2015 19:22:20
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
+1 October 16 2015 23:20:41 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. Was going for a very different feel to your fine drum add.
October 16 2015 11:59:46
chrisbasschrisbass beautiful
+1 October 16 2015 23:18:58 chrisbassWade
Was short and difficult (like me?). Glad it comes across as beautiful.
October 16 2015 10:56:34
UloisiusUloisius i love it ;o)
+1 October 16 2015 23:18:10 UloisiusWade
So good to have you listening. Thanks.
October 16 2015 10:12:03
frankyguitarfrankyguitar So beautiful!, Love it Wade!! smile.gif
+1 October 16 2015 23:17:33 frankyguitarWade
Thanks Frankyguitar. Have to admit that I wasn't concentrating on beauty. Big challenge playing this.
October 16 2015 08:54:32
AKchenAKchen wonderful music smile.gif
+1 October 16 2015 08:56:33 AKchenWade
You're back??? Thanks this one better? Hard to tell I guess.
October 16 2015 09:04:06 AKchenAKchen
didn´t mention a fault before Wink this is perfect ;D
October 16 2015 09:24:08 AKchenWade
I Should have listened more intently the first time. Was my bad mix. Thanks, I hope this is better.
October 16 2015 10:20:24 AKchenAKchen
Wink guess, you are bit to strengh with you Wink but, how often I have deleted a song for same reason Wink

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