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I had to... There were some harmonies I left out that I had to fill out so it would sound more... I don't know... Haffast?

i also added a little phased tapping section near the end to sound more like it was written along with Frankie's and made Mark's part stand out a little more. It got a little lost in the last mix. OK, now I'm done!


November 03 2015 23:26:14
MidoruMidoru Scorching guitar - great work, Haffast!
+1 November 04 2015 03:08:09 MidoruHaffast
Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback and am glad you enjoyed it!
October 20 2015 13:40:24
ALASTORALASTOR you play very well! you have a good feeling. BRAVO !!!good work
+1 October 20 2015 14:47:23 ALASTORHaffast
Thank you very much! I really appreciate that! Especially since I've heard how amazing you play! That's a great compliment. smile.gif
October 20 2015 00:49:38
PsychoPsycho Some fantastic technical on top of melody playing... great work Haf smile.gif
+1 October 20 2015 01:43:13 PsychoHaffast
Thanks Psycho! I was hoping for a little more melody to shine through! I think this one is better than most of mine because it did. Such a pretty track, I had to step it up to fit in! smile.gif
October 19 2015 23:31:28
cody trippcody tripp YES !!!!
+1 October 20 2015 01:41:31 cody trippHaffast
Thanks Cody! Glad you dig it! smile.gif
October 19 2015 23:30:42
onewholeftonewholeft Don't know why but it reminds me of the Rocky horror show even though it's nothing like it !
+1 October 20 2015 01:40:50 onewholeftHaffast
Hahaha! I don't know why either, but I hope that's a good thing! Thanks man! smile.gif
October 19 2015 23:16:08
akethesnakerakethesnaker Killer!
+1 October 20 2015 01:39:47 akethesnakerHaffast
Thanks Åke! Now with more harmonies! smile.gif
October 19 2015 21:48:00
Jedi_KnightJedi_Knight Very nicely done!!
+1 October 20 2015 01:39:22 Jedi_KnightHaffast
Thanks, Jedi! Glad you enjoyed it! Think it's a new favorite from my tracks. Frankie, Mark, and Mulambo killed it!
October 20 2015 01:46:22 Jedi_KnightJedi_Knight
Yeah you all did! Hey don't miss the force awakens trailer tonight. Supposed to be on during Monday Night Football, but will probably be on internet right after.
October 20 2015 01:55:31 Jedi_KnightHaffast
Haha! My girlfriend and I were talking about this not twenty seconds before I read this! I'm on it!
October 20 2015 02:04:31 Jedi_KnightJedi_Knight
Awesome! I'm so psyched!
October 20 2015 02:51:15 Jedi_KnightHaffast
October 19 2015 21:35:52
FrankieJFrankieJ Awesome guitar work Haff. Taps at the end fit very nicely. fab. thank you.
+1 October 20 2015 01:37:55 FrankieJHaffast
Thanks a lot Frankie! Not as intricate as yours, but I thought it kinda tied the track together a little more. Felt a little more like we worked together on it.

I look forward to more in the future! smile.gif
October 19 2015 21:29:10
WikimarkWikimark I like both versions 🔈
+2 October 20 2015 01:35:49 WikimarkHaffast
Thanks a lot Mark! It just didn't feel finished... Now it does!
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