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Terrific track from Buran70 that has had lots of excellent adds. Wanted to go back to his original and see what came from a fresh approach. He builds this track in volume and intensity all the way through. I tried to match with changes in volume, tone and intensity while playing rather simple melodic ideas that at times could be taken for backing (hint for anyone else who wants to join in).


July 18 2016 12:41:00
FunkystanFunkystan Giving the 20'th thumb up. I can't do it twice but I'd like to ^^
Masterpiece Wade! Thanks ^^

+1 July 19 2016 03:11:36 FunkystanWade
So good of you to have a dig around and come up with this. Glad you like...I did too.
October 21 2015 21:06:07
ShiShi I like your sensitive approach on this one's works really well with Burans guitar and the rhythm of the bass and drums smile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 23:34:54 ShiWade
Ah Madam Shi! You probably recognize that I'm playing and phrasing the same way a singer does: around and off the rhythm which (if done accurately) accentuates the rhythm and makes for a more melodic line.
October 21 2015 11:55:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler excellent my friendsmile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 23:29:03 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. always appreciate your checking out my diddles.
October 21 2015 01:11:10
akethesnakerakethesnaker Sax fits nicelysmile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 02:56:54 akethesnakerWade
Thanks Ake. A fine compliment! As we know the sax is an odd fit in so many tracks that are posted here...doesn't stop me, but I appreciate the acknowledgment when there is a good fit.
October 20 2015 19:09:04
PhénolPhénol Beautiful and so inspiring for other musicians.
Thanks a lot Wade

+1 October 21 2015 02:54:28 PhénolWade
Hopefully we all inspire each other. Buran certainly inspired me to play on this track. Thanks so much for your comment.
October 20 2015 18:01:50
PsychoPsycho Sweet sounds coming from that sax Wade... a superb work smile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 02:51:31 PsychoWade
Thanks Psycho. Room to jump in...wanna?
October 21 2015 03:02:49 PsychoPsycho
Well it sure is a wonderful work by Buran. I did a mix 43822 back in June, but I've been known to add on a track more than once before smile.gif
October 20 2015 17:40:03
haddockhaddock Niiiice!! smile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 02:50:27 haddockWade
Haddock my man/fish friend. Thanks for the listen and comment.
October 20 2015 14:52:20
StefStef Wonderful sax! A great add!
+1 October 21 2015 02:49:42 StefWade
Thanks Stef. Very kind of you. Just doing my thing with respect for this wonderful track from Buran.
October 20 2015 12:14:12
GlezBassGlezBass Very nice
+1 October 21 2015 02:48:45 GlezBassWade
Thanks G.B. Glad you stopped by and gave a listen.
October 20 2015 11:17:49
RobMRobM Brilliant Buran's track a whole new flavour. This is like a rock/jazz vibe to me ... Just love it !! smile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 02:47:25 RobMWade
Thanks Rob. The intent was to have a slightly different interpretation. Not better than the others, but I felt that this fine track from Buran should come back with a difference.

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