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This has been on the to-do list for awhile. It was time to go for it.

Thanks for the great track to work with guys !


October 23 2015 14:40:47
woXeywoXey WOW MAN!!! This is some tight play maestro!!! freakin awesome track!!!! i have a BIG SMILE on my face roght now.. great lesson amigo thanks for joining!!!
+1 October 23 2015 19:49:51 woXeyPsycho
Thanks woxey... you create some very tempting tracks... I found this to be one that things fell into place without racking my brain smile.gif
October 22 2015 22:52:51
BalfoBalfo At its best Psycho!
+1 October 22 2015 23:21:06 BalfoPsycho
Thanks very much sir smile.gif
October 22 2015 03:59:46
TofzegritTofzegrit All your lines are very in the good place, the 1st tapping, the bend 01:07 , the second tapping... the bend off 01:25...
the melody 00:30 - 00:37 reminds me "baby tigress"
Class Act

+1 October 22 2015 04:10:22 TofzegritPsycho
Thanks very much Tof, you analyze these things like a professor. Now that's commitment to music smile.gif You're sure a goofball, but also a very serious man... quite commendable !!!!
October 22 2015 04:23:35 TofzegritTofzegrit
And in your language pretty boy smile.gif
I like playing goof Ball a mixture of good gold golf (from the famous Hop hop hop family)
October 22 2015 04:27:11 TofzegritPsycho
You play golf? Chasing balls around smile.gif
October 21 2015 23:25:16
WadeWade Classic lead guitar. Sounding good.
+1 October 22 2015 00:41:49 WadePsycho
Hey there Wade, just playing like I was still a kid, but glad I'm not one anymore... I ways always getting into a pinch somehow or another smile.gif Thanks buddy !!
October 21 2015 22:48:16
earlstevenearlsteven awsome song,superb guys
+1 October 22 2015 00:39:15 earlstevenPsycho
Thanks earl... nice comment smile.gif
October 21 2015 22:08:01
BassterBasster Awesome leadguitar buddy!! Fits absolutely perfect - i love it!! Wink
+1 October 21 2015 22:22:43 BassterPsycho
Thanks Basster, like I tell many rhythm players, I just follow their lead, and I did just that with your awesome bass smile.gif Great jam you guys came up with !!!!
October 21 2015 21:58:40
StefStef Truly a GREAT lead guitar! Fantastic steps! Super Psy add !! smile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 22:20:49 StefPsycho
Thank you Stef... I listen to these a couple times and just go, unless it's a really complicated piece, then I must do some real work smile.gif
October 21 2015 21:54:42
incivanpicoincivanpico This is awesome Psy! the legato ( are u tapping?)...un draining the Tone....Top Class playing!Wink
+1 October 21 2015 22:18:37 incivanpicoPsycho
Thanks inci, yes, it's tapping (I use to tap all the time, like everyone else in the 80's), but my fret hand is not what it used to be, but I try to compensate smile.gif
October 22 2015 00:11:10 incivanpicoincivanpico
sounds pretty slick ta me Psy! the contrasts in this solo!smile.gif nice1 m8
October 21 2015 21:42:33
AKchenAKchen wonderful fit to the crew and the title you choosed smile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 22:15:10 AKchenPsycho
Thanks a ton AK... I decided to stay home today and play smile.gif
October 21 2015 22:19:28 AKchenallgirl
we have to do that now and again to stay in tune with ourselves
October 21 2015 20:24:01
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Yes Psy, I think this was the right time!! Really good stuff with great sound!! smile.gif
+1 October 21 2015 22:14:11 frankyguitarPsycho
Hi franky... I mentioned to abu that I'm using a Blackstar right now, and it does sound better. (Marshall in disguise) smile.gif But it's so big for studio use smile.gif
Sounds like: [ metal ]
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