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Added synth strings to the mix...TEE GEE good call :)show lyrics


October 25 2015 21:32:04
RockzillaRockzilla Nice one piper
+1 October 25 2015 22:06:07 Rockzillapiper
Thank you Zilla smile.gif appreciate you stopping by smile.gif
October 25 2015 19:14:39
LieschingLiesching Couldn´t wait! Super strings add, P! This piece is getting better and better!
+1 October 25 2015 21:06:05 Lieschingpiper
Are you ready for the final installment, LOL..
Thank you Marc.
October 24 2015 17:00:56
RelativityRelativity WOW! your vocals at 2:45 roughly give goosebumps. Im being really honest Piper when I say the following: This is a professional track that you arranged impeccably, built up and produced with very high quality. It shows you have a very fine musical ear. Its a beautiful song and track you built off Lieschings marvellous piano and idea and took to a completely different place. The most impressive thing on this track.....your arrangeement. You added the right things needed to make the song come together. Bravo! Oh and one more thing...Im listening on really good equipment.
+1 October 25 2015 04:55:48 Relativitypiper
I truly appreciate all the kind compliments Rel. I feel so fortunate that I am able to work with such fine musicians as yourself smile.gif
October 24 2015 12:01:55
R1772R1772 This is a wonderful track. Congratulations to Marc and Patty.Patty, you have done a miracle: Even if I don´t like strings that much: In this track I love them:-))))
+1 October 24 2015 14:12:54 R1772piper
Thank you so much R, I really appreciate you stopping by smile.gif
October 24 2015 10:56:44
TG_StratTG_Strat Yes!! It was just a hunch but man, you did a great job with it. Volume level is great, just supporting the piano and voice, and it fills the song nicely at the end where there are no vocals. well done, this is one of your best I think!
+2 October 24 2015 14:16:01 TG_Stratpiper
Thank you TG. It was fun adding the strings. Gave it some softness and a little more depth. smile.gif
October 24 2015 16:53:36 TG_Stratpiper
I really appreciate you listening again Rel. smile.gif Thank you for the kind words smile.gif
October 24 2015 05:58:13
WikimarkWikimark Sounds great👌
+1 October 24 2015 14:16:24 Wikimarkpiper
Thank you WM smile.gif
October 24 2015 01:25:03
AKchenAKchen cool ... wow !!! you´re such a very talent
+1 October 24 2015 02:46:32 AKchenpiper
Grin Grin
October 24 2015 00:21:02
GirardGirard Sounds good again, fine job.
+1 October 24 2015 00:57:38 Girardpiper
ON AND ON AND ON...Shock I'm done!!!! Next....
October 24 2015 00:09:36
PsychoPsycho Sounding wonderful piper... a fine add smile.gif
+1 October 24 2015 00:58:18 Psychopiper's time to move on ...eeek!
Sounds like: [ Piper ] [ keys ]

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