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This is my very first Tool experiment. Have to admit that it's quite hard to have something that follows their "psycho/alternative/prog/ambiant" sound.
I tried my best to do something that has a story, with big riffs you'll recognise :D
Please let your opinion, pro and cons are allowed :D
And BIG thanks to Weazle and Basster for these lines, damn good!


September 29 2016 20:38:54
InklessInkless Maynard James Keenan need to ear this ! Nice job everyone !
June 18 2016 16:13:26
FrankMilFrankMil great track by all
October 26 2015 14:23:08
BassterBasster Yeah man!! I think this fits absolutely perfect!! Awesome work, buddy - thanks a lot!! Wink
+1 October 26 2015 17:55:55 BassterIkko
Hehe, thanks a lot bro!
That's all your ideas, through your bass lines and the drum fills written, I just gave the colors it deserved with the Toolish approach (even though I really am far from Adam Jones touch)
October 26 2015 13:36:42
OliVBeeOliVBee interesting colors smile.gif nice sound !
+1 October 26 2015 17:53:18 OliVBeeIkko
Thanks Oli, I tried my best to give the same feeling as Perfect Circle and Tool smile.gif
October 25 2015 20:43:33
ivaxivax I love how your guitar master, great Ikko..
by the way, congratulations, I heard you're going to have a baby

+1 October 25 2015 21:04:12 ivaxIkko
Thank you very much Ivax smile.gif
Yeah you heard right! Thank you! I'm so excited actually!
October 25 2015 21:23:12 ivaxivax
It is a unique experience, I have a boy of 19 and a daughter aged 12, they are my darling
October 25 2015 22:24:01 ivaxIkko
Honestly can't wait for it smile.gif
October 25 2015 17:47:55
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 October 25 2015 20:00:12 Lenny CowlerIkko
Thanks bro!
October 25 2015 14:50:59
RelativityRelativity This is cool!
+1 October 25 2015 14:54:04 RelativityIkko
Thanks a lot mate smile.gif
October 25 2015 13:32:37
AKchenAKchen AWESOME, great idea
+1 October 25 2015 13:38:28 AKchenIkko
Thanks Ak Grin
October 25 2015 13:08:34
ShiShi dark and edgy guitar there Ikko on a cool track from weazle and basster smile.gif
+1 October 25 2015 13:38:16 ShiIkko
Thank you Shi smile.gif
October 25 2015 12:41:00
TofzegritTofzegrit Guitar walls!
Dirty, solid, steel and fire...

+1 October 25 2015 12:42:23 TofzegritIkko
Haha, Thanks a lot tof, your comments are always the bests actually Grin
I screwed so much here on my point of view Shock
Sounds like: [ Tool Perfect Circle ]
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