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Great drum track! Slowed it down a tiny bit and chopped it up for a spacey rock jam.

Add whatever you like ;-)


October 23 2016 21:36:42
ninfragninfrag Hey all! I took my riffs from Universes Crumbling to the band and they ended up on our debut album. Go check it out on!
October 23 2016 20:39:25
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Almost a year old and i missed it!! Great work !! Excellent listening smile.gif
+1 October 23 2016 21:37:19 PaulBOwensninfrag
Check it out at ;-)
August 02 2016 03:19:39
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal
March 30 2016 20:44:27
FunkystanFunkystan Absolute great job and track... I've discovered it when "Allan1970" uploaded his bassline on it... Thanks ^^
+1 March 30 2016 21:29:18 Funkystanninfrag
Thanks Funkystan! I introduced it to the band, and we'll be recording it at the studio in June! Looking forward to that ;-)
March 30 2016 21:32:52 FunkystanFunkystan
That's good news... Hope you'll tell us how to listen to it when mixed down... Enjoy and Congrats again ^^
May 10 2016 23:42:39 Funkystanninfrag
I'll let you know ;-)
October 23 2016 21:33:41 Funkystanninfrag
Go check out the studio version at!
October 24 2016 13:01:37 FunkystanFunkystan
This is awesome. Thanks a lot for the news and your link. Awesome album!!!
Congrats guys. I'm working with my band on an album project at the moment. We'll be searching for a label... Makes me good that real good music as yours can be released ^^
Let me know if "Fire down below" will be touring in Brittany. For sure I'll be there ^^
January 11 2016 19:57:26
SlowbassSlowbass wow wow wow, it's very very hypnotic, surf between stars... great playing
November 11 2015 22:33:05
WanHuWanHu Wow. I can smell the incense... Fantastic playing, Ninfrag. The build-up & break around 2.37 is stunning, but the one just after 4 minutes is an earth shaker.. I'd like to hear that REALLY LOUD.
November 11 2015 21:48:47
RobMRobM This is Awesome !
November 11 2015 20:27:52
MarceysMarceys Ah yeah man! This is great guitaring! smile.gif love it!
November 11 2015 18:21:37
titititi Incredible track! very goog guy.
November 11 2015 17:56:03
kennyadrykennyadry This is awesome man! Love the great atmosphere, much things put into proper places...great music!
Sounds like: [ rock ] [ space ] [ stoner ] [ drop c ]

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