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I pulled my old Boss DD7 out and decided to make some U2 thing.

U2 is one of the bands that has influence me particularly their guitarist "the Edge". I especially like his usage of delays, chorus, and reverbs, and he is well known for the dotted 8th delay. He's not the most technical of all guitar player but if you want to look up to a guitar player that uses delays in a very creative way, then look no where but on THE EDGE

Note: Im not sure if 135 BPM is right. It is a little faster or slower, i did not use the click track because I don't exactly know the BPM of the Boss DD7.


December 21 2015 07:13:58
aduadu very nice! The Edge would be proud of you! Wink
November 04 2015 16:32:56
CarpenterCarpenter I like the positive vibe of this smile.gif
+1 November 04 2015 18:31:58 Carpenterkennyadry
Thanks Carpenter smile.gif
November 04 2015 00:31:45
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Nice feeling on this tune, guitar sound is deep with the Boss DD7 Wink
October 31 2015 16:54:53
rockdevilrockdevil superb buddy smile.gif
+1 November 01 2015 06:42:33 rockdevilkennyadry
Thank u do much RD!
October 30 2015 19:18:33
PsychoPsycho The Edge is no doubt unique... nice job with this smile.gif
+0 October 31 2015 01:11:31 Psychokennyadry
U are right ! smile.gif thank u psycho!
October 30 2015 19:05:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!!I like this song, I like U2, perfectsmile.gif
+1 October 31 2015 01:10:21 Lenny Cowlerkennyadry
Thank u Lenny! Wink
October 30 2015 18:00:00
LieschingLiesching I´m with Alice! You´re awesome, my friend! This is so good.
+1 October 30 2015 18:14:45 Lieschingkennyadry
Thanks a lot Marc! I am happy that a great musician as u love it! smile.gif
October 30 2015 17:19:44
aleonzaleonz hit the play and turn my chair to face my window, and let your song fly me to that night sky...what a lovely journey! can't wait how this song will build.
you are awesome Kenny!

+1 October 30 2015 17:58:10 aleonzkennyadry
Thanks a lot sis! Me too!! Excited Wink
October 30 2015 14:46:30
TG_StratTG_Strat Respect, this is a great track!
+1 October 30 2015 17:57:28 TG_Stratkennyadry
Thanks a lot TG! Wink
October 30 2015 14:39:18
mpointonmpointon Superb, Kenny. Still definitely your faultless trademark playing though! Love delay guitar stuff (although no U2 fan). I'll have a dig for a Larry Mullen Jr hat!
+0 October 30 2015 17:56:03 mpointonkennyadry
Thank u Martin smile.gif My band during college played lots of U2 stuff. Can't say I'm a fan, but I love Edge(many thinks he is overrated but I think that man is cool smile.gif . I guess its safe to say that all guitarist loves may actually been have influence to some sort of smile.gif looking forward to your drums man!
Sounds like: [ U2 ]

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