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Trying to start a conversation under OliVBee's snappy bluesy track. Would love to hear someone fill in the other voice.


November 27 2015 14:29:10
BalfoBalfo And it's a very good conversation, let's see!
+1 November 27 2015 19:58:25 BalfoWade
Gets better once you join in.
November 03 2015 09:01:43
frenziefrenzie Just perfect and beautiful wade!, there is some space but to me it serves as breathing space in your melodies so great job on creating this Beauty!! smile.gif
+1 November 03 2015 21:56:27 frenzieWade
Thanks Frenzie. Making me wish I'd left more space in there. Will save the musical conversation for another time.
November 04 2015 16:24:30 frenziefrenzie
Indeed Wade theres lots of room to jam here on wiki Wink
or play half as much next time if it sounds unfinished maybe other people will get the urge to finish the job smile.gif
November 04 2015 22:59:24 frenzieWade
Have done that several times and nobody jumped in. Unfinished tracks make me wish I'd just left it all alone. I tried to have this one somewhere between so that it would sound OK if nobody else jumped in.
November 01 2015 13:24:42
ivaxivax Enchanting and sensational
+1 November 01 2015 21:52:10 ivaxWade
Thanks my friend!
October 31 2015 17:21:32
chrisbasschrisbass wow niccce
+1 October 31 2015 22:54:55 chrisbassWade
Thanks Chrisbass! Could use some bass you know...
October 31 2015 09:23:54
MarceysMarceys Beautiful tone and feeling, leaving room like this will definetely attract more musicians!
+1 October 31 2015 22:53:45 MarceysWade
Thanks Marc. I sure hope this gets someone to join in. Have left room like this before and had no takers. Vocal response or have you over the top of the whole thing?
October 31 2015 09:09:32
PhénolPhénol Good playing
Bravo Wade !

+1 October 31 2015 22:51:54 PhénolWade
Ah, my small reed brother! Thanks.
October 31 2015 09:05:08
aleonzaleonz a very cool dialogue you made here between your sax and Oli guitar, starting with a very light and slow talk and getting up and up...wonderful to hear this track Wade
+1 October 31 2015 22:51:17 aleonzWade
Thanks Alice. Could also include others as part of the dialogue.
October 31 2015 06:48:21
SlonMusicSlonMusic Wow! Sweet, absolutly! Need a walking upright)
+1 October 31 2015 22:49:20 SlonMusicWade
You are so right. Get in there!
October 31 2015 05:24:10
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler I agree with Psychosmile.gif
+1 October 31 2015 22:48:10 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. Always pleased when it works for others...How about some rhythm?
October 30 2015 23:49:01
PsychoPsycho Fantastic job Wade... perfect fit on a tough track !!
+1 October 31 2015 22:47:07 PsychoWade
Actually not a tough track. Very familiar with OliVBee's playing and this style of music. Recorded on the second play through. Just sounds difficult.

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