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A simply gorgeous template from pkliesch I've always wanted to do accompany.


November 27 2015 11:56:15
BalfoBalfo Good empathy and the cream to this beautiful song!
+1 November 27 2015 19:51:37 BalfoWade
Thanks Balfo. Such a great song from pkliesch that just resonated with me. Also got lucky with the fit.
November 05 2015 09:43:07
KeitonKeiton Great playing smile.gif
+1 November 05 2015 22:41:37 KeitonWade
Thanks Keiton. All credit to pkliesch for such an inspiring track. I'm a jammer, so just tag along with the rest of you great musicians for inspiration.
November 05 2015 06:17:47
RobMRobM So very nice Wade smile.gif
+1 November 05 2015 22:38:43 RobMWade
Thanks Rob. Means a lot for players I admire to stop by for a listen and comment.
November 04 2015 06:06:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Awesomesmile.gif
+1 November 04 2015 09:39:49 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. All credit to pkliesch for his wonderful piece that is such an inspiration.
November 03 2015 21:17:37
pklieschpkliesch Fits cool. Proud to hear the Wade style on this. Thank's my friend! smile.gif
+1 November 03 2015 22:37:31 pklieschWade
So glad you are OK with this add. Love this track and have for ages.
November 03 2015 20:55:06
ShiShi well how lovely to hear this Wade, a real sweet and sensitive counterpoint to Pat's guitars and keys smile.gif
+1 November 03 2015 22:36:15 ShiWade
Thanks Shi. Have returned to attempting soft counterpoint accompaniments where leads are not required. Well observed.
November 03 2015 13:34:31
OliVBeeOliVBee wonderfull track with your legendary softness ! smile.gif
+1 November 03 2015 22:33:11 OliVBeeWade
Oh no! Pidgin holed again! One of these days I'm going to surprise everyone by being loud and boisterous.

Thinking warmly of you my friend.
November 03 2015 09:07:24
haddockhaddock You play so tasteful, love it!
+1 November 03 2015 09:13:08 haddockWade
Thanks Haddock. Very kind of you to listen and comment.
November 03 2015 02:52:04
aleonzaleonz I was listening to this track when I do my morning walk this morning, this tender touch from your sax, that sing softly through patrick wonderful track, really make everything I see more colorful Wade, thank you for the music from the 2 of you...
+1 November 03 2015 09:12:07 aleonzWade
One couldn't ask for more than to help someone see things "more colorful", especially someone as sensitive and creative as you.
November 03 2015 02:39:17
AKchenAKchen yes, beautiful playing smile.gif
+1 November 03 2015 09:09:25 AKchenWade
Inspired by all those who post these wonderful templates, especially Pkliesch.

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