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Two piano parts - Thanks to v.romires, ALASTOR, and Basster - killer tune. Video: - WARNING: Lot of Bombs


November 05 2015 18:32:40
BassterBasster Yeah man - awesome!!!
+1 November 05 2015 21:12:34 BassterMidoru
Thanks, man - really dig your killer bass playing!
November 03 2015 21:40:11
ShiShi evoking darkness and madness and then condensing it into 2 and a half powerful minutes
+1 November 03 2015 21:57:47 ShiMidoru
Thank you for listening to this dark work, Shi - sometimes, I go out a bit with my expression.
November 03 2015 22:01:10 ShiShi
isn't music an amazing way to express things smile.gif
November 03 2015 14:38:31
HaffastHaffast Outstanding work on this! Beautiful chaos that works SO well in this song! Masterful work!
+1 November 03 2015 14:41:10 HaffastMidoru
Thank you so much, Haffast - appreciate the listen and compliment!
November 04 2015 00:02:22 HaffastHaffast
I appreciate the talent it takes to create in such a way. My mind is too black or white. This is abstract and outside of the box. I'm envious.
November 04 2015 01:44:46 HaffastMidoru
Thank you again, my friend. Your stuff is fantastic, Haffast - looking forward to exploring your catalogue in more depth.
November 04 2015 03:07:25 HaffastHaffast
I hope you enjoy! :-)
November 03 2015 07:56:00
AKchenAKchen it has an experimental touch, something new, WOW!!!
+1 November 03 2015 14:07:31 AKchenMidoru
Thanks for listening, AKchen!
November 03 2015 07:23:05
RelativityRelativity Awesome Midoru! I love the piano!
November 03 2015 05:26:02
KellsBellsKellsBells Still will not play here on WL but I have defeated this issue. I downloaded it and it plays just fine in my player. Grin Now since it already on my computer, guess I will just stick it on my mp3 player. smile.gif (SO, I double win, Computer. Pfft ) This is really cool, Midoru. You are the master of chaos these days, so artful and creative. Love it! Grin
+1 November 03 2015 05:57:45 KellsBellsMidoru
Clever girl - just could not resist, could you. Thanks so much for listening - glad you like smile.gif
November 03 2015 06:06:24 KellsBellsKellsBells
Resist you? My Dear Midoru, you lead me straight into temptation and deliver me to evil. Wink Why would I want to resist that? Grin
November 03 2015 05:14:45
KellsBellsKellsBells My computer absolutely will NOT play this track...It plays everything else on my page except this one. It will not auto play and when I hit play...nothing.
+0 November 03 2015 05:54:46 KellsBellsMidoru
Maybe you were not meant to hear this one smile.gif
November 03 2015 06:08:40 KellsBellsKellsBells
I do not accept this reality.
November 03 2015 05:11:15
PsychoPsycho How you got that piano in there is beyond me, but you did it and it sounds great smile.gif
+1 November 03 2015 05:53:52 PsychoMidoru
The music was so heavy I needed two smile.gif
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