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Just gave a low profile rhythm...and went for some solos...Really had fun following Marcey's chords and CK's bass syncronizing it with Martin's fills :D


December 24 2015 02:31:48
KeiKei Aken ko...pasahi ko ani please?
+1 February 29 2016 09:50:51 Keikennyadry
Sure aken ko! smile.gif
December 06 2015 16:21:34
CKArmstrongCKArmstrong The time taken to strum from the low E to the high E is perfect. Every time. 2:24 onwards in the solo just soars!
+1 December 06 2015 19:27:51 CKArmstrongkennyadry
Thank you CK! It was lot of restraint I did on the strumming. Love the bass you did here so I followed some of the bass last part i guess smile.gif
December 06 2015 21:31:25 CKArmstrongCKArmstrong
yeah, you really set off the breakdown parts! It's great to hear a little bit more attention to detail than the norm.
November 11 2015 05:29:23
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfectsmile.gif
+1 November 11 2015 05:32:39 Lenny Cowlerkennyadry
Thank u Lenny smile.gif
November 10 2015 21:57:19
RobMRobM Really beautiful work here Kenny ! smile.gif
+1 November 10 2015 22:47:53 RobMkennyadry
Thank u Rob smile.gif
November 10 2015 18:29:50
MidoruMidoru Nice work, Kenny!
+1 November 10 2015 18:31:19 Midorukennyadry
Thanks a lot Midoru!
November 10 2015 12:03:43
mpointonmpointon This is some great play here. Colourful tones and chords, grace with power in other places and then the way you put in the cheeky notes phrasing with the bass and drums around 3:05 is perfect! Such a varied, considerate and musical add!
+1 November 10 2015 17:36:07 mpointonkennyadry
Thanks a lot Martin! I admit trying to synchronize with your fill ins was a hard thing to do! It took me 5 takes to do that! Over tricky..
November 10 2015 01:07:03
PsychoPsycho Gave it some attitude when needed... great work smile.gif
+0 November 10 2015 05:03:07 Psychokennyadry
Thank u psycho! Restraining myself a little bit to keep the track open smile.gif
November 10 2015 05:08:13 PsychoPsycho
I hear ya, tough to restrain (my problem too), but in the long run it usually works best smile.gif
November 10 2015 05:40:31 Psychokennyadry
You're right! This is every guitar player's weak spot, and I'm still working on it Sad
November 10 2015 00:29:07
MarceysMarceys Ah yeah! You know were to place your guitar! You played with such fine tones and gave this track a very cool direction! Love it Kenny and thanks so much for this great piece of music!
+0 November 10 2015 05:01:02 Marceyskennyadry
Thanks a lot Marcey! Really had lots of good time doing this track of yours! Can't resist the sweet chord progression and melodies! smile.gif
November 09 2015 22:57:19
titititi Again one amazing track Ken' Your pictures its always beautiful and spoken in deep smile.gif
+1 November 10 2015 04:59:15 titikennyadry
Thank you so much Uncle Titi! Heard your add!! It was awesome!
November 09 2015 21:40:34
aleonzaleonz ah that dreamy guitar sounds super mega cool my brother! you added that sweet melody in the perfect place, and give the strong punch right on the spot
+1 November 10 2015 04:57:16 aleonzkennyadry
Thanks Alice smile.gif it will be more lovely to hear you sing over this smile.gif
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