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Dang snabbit why in tarnations did hafta play this amazing country and lure me in like a catfish to a gizzard. Had to go and make country and bluegrass stuff I actually like. there goes my reputation


November 10 2015 10:57:08
TG_StratTG_Strat Yeeehaaa! I think it actually improved your reputation Wink
+1 November 10 2015 13:59:43 TG_StratKMstar
Wink thanks TG
November 10 2015 10:31:51
AKchenAKchen super add smile.gif
+1 November 11 2015 01:03:51 AKchenKMstar
Thank you!
November 10 2015 06:08:48
RelativityRelativity Yeeehaw!
+1 November 11 2015 01:03:36 RelativityKMstar
sang that every few bars while I recorded the bass line
November 10 2015 03:41:59
PsychoPsycho lol... great playing KM... this good old time American music smile.gif
November 10 2015 03:22:47
wiseshankswiseshanks Great! Love this guys!
November 10 2015 03:13:15
garymcmillgarymcmill Good stuff!! We won't tell anybody that you turned country.
+1 November 10 2015 03:19:10 garymcmillKMstar
It has to be like a flu virus or taco bell I am sure this phase will pass
November 11 2015 01:00:48 garymcmillKMstar
Most that know me would never believe you without this recording as proof Wink im really just joking around, I like anything that has some skill involved, Cody provided plenty of that
November 11 2015 01:21:09 garymcmillgarymcmill
Hey, I know you're joking, but you kick it one this one. If you get a wash tub, broom handle, and string we might have some concerns.
November 11 2015 01:49:16 garymcmillKMstar
Just cancelled my Amazon order for the washtub thanks to that comment but I am keeping the ceramic jug
November 10 2015 02:49:55
+1 November 11 2015 01:02:06 WHITEPONGOKMstar
Thanks! Lots of fun trying new stuff
November 10 2015 02:47:56
cody trippcody tripp AWESOME !!!
+1 November 10 2015 02:52:15 cody trippKMstar
Glad you think so, I am having a lot of fun with your templates lately, you are one sharply skilled musician and I am learning a lot of things I would not have tried by trying to add to your tracks

Alternative Country backing tracks with Bass and Sequencer:

  1. Meemaw Likes To Hee Haw

    cody trippErnie440
    by cody tripp & Ernie440
  2. Gascoun Country (bass)

    by titi & FrankieJ
  3. Burst In !!!!!

    by Keiton
  4. Southern Bred and Raised

    cody tripppetebass
    by cody tripp & petebass
  5. Canyonlands

    by Wade & Keiton
  6. You Had Me When You Smiled

    cody trippcschlote
    by cody tripp & cschlote
  7. Rick´s Country

    by Rickplayer & Carpenter
  8. Something resembling bass

    cody trippFrankieJ
    by cody tripp & FrankieJ
  9. She Looks So Beautiful

    cody trippKMstar
    by cody tripp & KMstar
  10. Southern Licks

    cody trippcschlote
    by cody tripp & cschlote
  11. Kickin' Up The Dirt

    cody trippcschlote
    by cody tripp & cschlote
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