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Taking a stand with Psy and the rest of the free world against terrorism


November 16 2015 01:28:01
texassontexasson Smooth flow and Awesome!
November 14 2015 22:29:20
BassterBasster This is outstanding! Great bassline and tone buddy!!
+1 November 14 2015 23:10:36 BassterKMstar
Thanks my Friend!
November 14 2015 18:19:24
titititi Super! It reminds me Van Halen's old title... I forgot...
November 14 2015 18:11:15
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler goodsmile.gif
November 14 2015 17:55:51
GirardGirard Some people have the humanitarian goggles on, and don't see the INVASION OF EUROPE for what it is.

That's all i'm going to say.

The end of this story will be as it should be.

November 14 2015 17:51:29
GirardGirard GREAT! As Martin says, "you gave it what it needed, and that's ALL it should get!"
November 14 2015 16:41:16
RickplayerRickplayer Great add KM fits the track perfectly
+1 November 14 2015 16:45:53 RickplayerKMstar
Thanks RP! the most restrained playing I have done I think. Its harder to be tastful than crazy on a bass I think
November 14 2015 16:49:37 RickplayerRickplayer
Welcome KM
November 14 2015 17:50:45 RickplayerGirard
I love this little conversation lol. I have a little restraint problem myself sometimes LOL.
November 14 2015 16:38:48
PsychoPsycho Great add KM... sounds awesome buddy smile.gif
I know there are those who are against war and guns, etc (it's not reality to think that way). I'd trade my guitar for a AR-15 if I could change all this chaos. I can only hope the Paris tragedy has opened and changed some minds about what this world has to lose !! This is not conventional war as we know it. These people want to die and take you with them !!!!

+2 November 14 2015 16:44:27 PsychoKMstar
I hope that the tragedy does open some eyes to the mess the politicians have created so we can start fixing it but I wont be trading the guitars for ARs, I already have one.
November 14 2015 16:47:39 PsychoPsycho
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think guns are banned in France? Even most police can't carry.
November 14 2015 16:47:44 PsychoRickplayer
I agree Psycho well said
November 14 2015 16:49:31 PsychoKMstar
thats one reason I joined the NRA and support them, I dont want that right taken from us here
November 14 2015 17:06:05 PsychoPsycho
Impossible task, it will never happen, so don't ever worry about that one smile.gif

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