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I'm a great fan of Milachica's contributions. This template has a stronger rhythmic center rather than tonal. Have taken this towards a more "classical" atonal interpretation. Sopranino sax with pedal harmonizer. Got an interesting sound out of it at the end. All welcome to join way to mess up the key it's in...Ha!


January 01 2016 21:49:29
YoWildYoWild Awesome!
+1 January 01 2016 22:09:11 YoWildWade
Thanks YoWild!
November 20 2015 20:38:24
AKchenAKchen wooooooooow
+1 November 23 2015 20:34:33 AKchenWade
Hey Akchen! We are the only two (so far) who have discovered this magical template. I think we share a secret.

November 23 2015 20:42:03 AKchenAKchen
cheers my friend Wink
November 20 2015 15:18:52
LutzLutz That's a fresh approach! Excellent use of effects. Mind expanding, wow.
+1 November 23 2015 20:33:17 LutzWade
Always a pleasure to hear from you Lutz. All due to milachica's great template.

I Love what these little guitarist's boxes can do, but they need to be used very sparingly.

Thanks for the listen and comment. Greatly appreciated.
November 20 2015 09:23:54
PhénolPhénol Excellent strange atmosphere.*Well done W
+1 November 23 2015 20:30:12 PhénolWade
Hey Phenol. Strange is too easy for me. Still working on good.

Thanks man appreciate the listen and comment.
November 20 2015 08:46:36
earlstevenearlsteven very great,like a crimestorry
+1 November 23 2015 20:29:10 earlstevenWade
Thanks earlsteven. Always the highest of compliments when the listener gets a story or feeling/emotion.
November 20 2015 05:26:49
cody trippcody tripp Very Cool
+1 November 23 2015 20:27:16 cody trippWade
Thanks Cody! Maybe one of the few styles I haven't heard from you? Glad you like.
November 20 2015 04:59:39
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Wade my man, you impressed me all time! This one from Mila is really great stuff! And you put a fantastic topping over it!!
+1 November 23 2015 20:26:36 frankyguitarWade
That's such a nice thing to say franky! Glad you give credit to milachica. Really his inspiration that made this happen.

November 23 2015 20:33:50 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
If I found a fine add from the musicans I follow, so I do listen the complete tree till the beginning! I think mostly is such fine music the summary of all adds! And all need a thumb smile.gif
November 23 2015 20:37:21 frankyguitarWade
Not enough time in life, but I certainly think you're right!
November 23 2015 20:46:43 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Yes, it needs a lot of time and mostly I have not enough time and I do it later .... And sometimes I forget it... Ahhrh, I'm old.... smile.gif
November 23 2015 23:01:03 frankyguitarWade
Yes you are so old! (and I'm twelve years older than you).
November 24 2015 05:03:59 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
November 20 2015 00:59:48
kimbokimbo ..mazin!
+1 November 23 2015 20:24:55 kimboWade
OK, I believe you. Glad you like...feel free to rave some more. Cheers man.
November 20 2015 00:58:22
kimbokimbo ......clever bo! big smiles here
+1 November 23 2015 20:23:52 kimboWade
Well, If I can't be good may as well try to be clever! Thanks Kimbo.
November 20 2015 00:39:51
kennyadrykennyadry Just so beautiful smile.gif
+1 November 23 2015 20:22:42 kennyadryWade
Thanks Kenny. So glad this works for you. It's pretty "out there"

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