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Lenny Cowler
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Thanks for the great chords and funky beat Kenny & Lenny! (Cool bandname)
This track is screaming for a grooving bass!

Did some synth, piano & rhodes.

Hope you like it....



November 21 2015 20:58:45
WadeWade I'm sure a bass will show up soon. In the meanwhile it's a lovely track that flows so well.
+1 November 21 2015 21:11:03 WadeMarceys
Thanks Wade! Tof did already a bassline on this track! Flowing real nice.... I listened it back.... I should have listened a bit better to the timing of kenny! I played my own flow here and there instead of following kenny's! Lesson learned! smile.gif
November 23 2015 22:26:50 WadeWade
picky, picky. It works form a listener's point of view.
November 21 2015 18:34:33
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Really great Marc!!
You guys have it!!
Unfortunately I have not enough time to listen all this Fine Music here and to follow all my favorit musicans .... sorry Marc if I came only infrequent to listen all your fine music smile.gif

+1 November 21 2015 18:43:40 frankyguitarMarceys
Hey Frankie! You don't have to appoogize of course! But it is cool to hear you like it! I have the same problem, it's almost impossible to listen and give a comment to all the tracks you like! smile.gif smile.gif
November 21 2015 09:46:31
AKchenAKchen great feeling
+1 November 21 2015 12:27:19 AKchenMarceys
Thanks AKchen! Kenny's chordline was very tempting! smile.gif
November 20 2015 21:20:48
famineenimfamineenim Wow!
+1 November 20 2015 21:38:17 famineenimMarceys
Thanks man, this a track for some percussion? smile.gif
November 20 2015 17:59:00
aleonzaleonz oh I missed this one yesterday I added such a cool colorful line here Marc,this is really spice up the track, it's really getting hard to resist this track...
+1 November 20 2015 18:25:03 aleonzMarceys
Don't resist it Alice, let go and enjoy this ride! smile.gif
November 21 2015 02:09:09 aleonzaleonz
How can I ?
November 20 2015 10:08:03
titititi Certain parts keyboard remind to me Steps Ahead ! Great Marc smile.gif
+1 November 20 2015 11:00:22 titiMarceys
wow, that is an amazing group of musicians! Could never reach that but thanks for your compliment of course! smile.gif
November 20 2015 11:08:35 titititi
Forgive me my musical culture smile.gif
November 20 2015 15:31:25 titiMarceys
that is unnecessary! Love that music a lot! smile.gif
November 20 2015 05:39:46
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!!Fantastic Marceyssmile.gif
+1 November 20 2015 07:23:55 Lenny CowlerMarceys
Thanks for your groovy drums Lenny! Enjoyed the ride!
November 20 2015 01:46:51
TofzegritTofzegrit Hop hop hop smile.gif HoppyMusiK
If I were at home, I would take the bass immediately, write a song and make a cake and... how will be tomorrow, I don't know but it gives envy smile.gif smile.gif

+1 November 20 2015 07:23:16 TofzegritMarceys
Cut the cake and pick up the pieces!
November 20 2015 01:27:25
StefStef Great professionalism and a beautiful solo! Super add Marc! smile.gif
+1 November 20 2015 07:22:29 StefMarceys
Thanks Stef!
November 19 2015 22:52:22
FrankieJFrankieJ I like it! Happy upbeat groove.
+1 November 20 2015 00:00:43 FrankieJMarceys
Thanks Frankie! It was a good ride! smile.gif
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