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Took a walk in a beautiful garden. Only strayed a little bit - nice curves, OliV :) - 6 Parts - Thank you OliVBee and Pit Brett for this wonderful piece of music.


November 25 2015 05:28:21
GirardGirard You are welcome to "stray" and turn it UP on any of my tracks Midoru! Grin
+1 November 25 2015 05:53:04 GirardMidoru
Hehe, thank you, Girard - I may just take you up on that offer smile.gif
November 25 2015 05:59:17 GirardGirard
Great smile.gif My favorite bands include the jamband greats like the Dead and Phish..the loose open ended improv jams were the main attraction Grin
November 25 2015 06:09:30 GirardMidoru
I shall have to check these bands out - thank you, G.
November 24 2015 17:40:33
BassCookBassCook Nice one!
+1 November 24 2015 22:18:58 BassCookMidoru
Thank you, BassCook!
November 23 2015 22:18:38
pauluspaulus cool
November 23 2015 04:24:32
KellsBellsKellsBells If the song is the garden, your guitars are the butterflies and birds flapping their wings to spread the smell of the sweet smelling flowers through this musical garden. Such gentle fluttering touches of beautiful sound. smile.gif
November 22 2015 17:54:25
frenziefrenzie Very very tasteful! Gentle smile.gif
November 22 2015 05:41:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome Midorusmile.gif
November 22 2015 02:03:14
onewholeftonewholeft Lovely tune all
November 22 2015 00:52:24
StefStef So clear, so sunny! Wonderful sound! a great add Midoru! smile.gif
November 22 2015 00:05:39
RelativityRelativity Agree on the quiet side but nonetheless the playing and add to the songs feel, is masterful! Everyones a critique! I do the opposite...when Im lost I just play louder so as to drown everyone out. That way noone knows Im lost....because there is nothing to compare to! Beautiful add my friend.
November 21 2015 23:52:22
HaffastHaffast Beautiful! It is rather quiet, but it adds a wonderful ambiance to the piece. smile.gif
+0 November 21 2015 23:56:49 HaffastMidoru
Thank you for the compliment, Haffast - there is a fine line to walk in these sensitive pieces - when in doubt - play quieter smile.gif
November 22 2015 00:00:50 HaffastMidoru
Hehe smile.gif
November 22 2015 00:01:25 HaffastHaffast
I'd say I'll remember that, but I know me better than that.

Sound advice though.
Sounds like: [ Midoru ] [ OliVBee ] [ Pit Brett Jazz Blues ]

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