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Wonderful song and i play some melodic bits. Thank you guys! Hope you like it. :)show lyrics


November 24 2015 17:57:36
BassCookBassCook Cool addition, Andreas smile.gif
+1 November 25 2015 00:01:58 BassCookadu
Thanks smile.gif
November 24 2015 04:29:38
TofzegritTofzegrit The right man with the right tone, at the right place!
Wunderbar Adu

+1 November 24 2015 09:18:50 Tofzegritadu
Thank you so much Chris! smile.gif
November 24 2015 00:21:38
MidoruMidoru Nice addition, adu - perfect compliment to this song. Did not realize I wasn't following you - so sorry, rectified.
+1 November 24 2015 00:27:30 Midoruadu
Hey Midoru, you don´t have to apologize! Thanks for your kind words and for your comments every time ! smile.gif Thanks!
November 23 2015 22:01:16
BalfoBalfo Deine Gitarre bringt Farbe ins Geschehen, einfach toll gemacht Adu!
+1 November 23 2015 23:19:53 Balfoadu
Danke Dir Balfo! Freut mich das du das sagst. smile.gif
November 23 2015 21:43:43
pklieschpkliesch Super passende Gitarre zu Josh's ahalike song. Und passend und dezent eingespielt! Good Job, Adu! smile.gif
+1 November 23 2015 23:18:47 pklieschadu
Danke dir Pat. Freut mich das ich es so hinbekommen habe. Wenn es euch gefällt, ist es das grösste Lob! smile.gif
November 24 2015 01:17:06 pklieschJoshDexter
Aww man, I see my name, but I don't understand what's going on hahaha way to confuse me, guys XD
November 24 2015 01:25:02 pklieschadu
Pat wrote: Super fitting guitar to your Song. Played decent.
I wrote: Thank you Pat. I´m glad that i have it this way. When you all guys like it, it´s a big praise!

I hope I have it translated correctly!
November 23 2015 17:30:34
WikimarkWikimark Just the right mix with the guitar track magnificent work 👍
+1 November 23 2015 23:16:07 Wikimarkadu
Thanks Mark. Your template is magnificent. smile.gif
November 23 2015 16:44:50
JoshDexterJoshDexter Awesome!
+1 November 23 2015 23:14:58 JoshDexteradu
I´m very pleased, that you like it. Thanks so much smile.gif
November 23 2015 16:41:41
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 November 23 2015 23:13:31 Lenny Cowleradu
Thank you so much, Lenny Wink smile.gif
November 23 2015 16:34:24
PsychoPsycho Yes, very nice job fitting that guitar in there !!
+1 November 23 2015 23:13:06 Psychoadu
Thanks buddy, appreciate it a lot! smile.gif
November 23 2015 14:45:17
aleonzaleonz I like the sweet touch you added here Adu, and the way you play around Josh wonderful voice just so cool!
+1 November 23 2015 23:11:53 aleonzadu
I am very honored by a very nice comment. Thank you, Alice. smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Brit Pop ]

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