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cody tripp
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A beautiful ballad. This has been on my todo list for what seems like an eternity. I debated considerably on when to have the bass come in. At first it was only the chorus and then only latter half of the verse and then, well, the entire verse. i think it turned out okay. I'm not quite satisfied but it came to the point that I had to let go and let it be lyrics


December 20 2015 17:32:56
KeitonKeiton Your contribution in this song is high. There are you on the opposite side because Josh is high voice. It is the best.
+1 December 20 2015 18:50:06 KeitonDannyK
Thanks! smile.gif
November 28 2015 14:27:03
JoshDexterJoshDexter Another remix I missed! I have to keep on top of these, cuz this is awesome!
+1 November 28 2015 15:19:26 JoshDexterDannyK
Thanks. It can be difficult to keep track.
November 26 2015 10:28:51
BassterBasster Awesome bass - the perfect support for this track!!
+1 November 26 2015 15:23:58 BassterDannyK
November 26 2015 04:39:41
nuno1959nuno1959 You nailed it & this is a tricky one, well done Danny Wink
+1 November 26 2015 05:07:22 nuno1959DannyK
Thanks, Nuno!
November 26 2015 03:04:54
rp3drumsrp3drums Dont, no Dont, I'm begging so hard on yourself (hahaha), great job, song sounds complete, I like the soft bass in the verse!
+1 November 26 2015 03:49:29 rp3drumsDannyK
Thanks! Your drumming was inspirational.
November 26 2015 03:55:27 rp3drumsDannyK
I loved doing that little fill with you at 1:21 smile.gif
November 26 2015 02:49:22
kennyadrykennyadry I think you did a great job, for me I like the idea that you gave the soft bass at the start (it almost sounded inaudible though) and then turn it up hard on chorus and some parts. That is great dynamics!
+1 November 26 2015 03:47:38 kennyadryDannyK
Thanks! I'm glad you noticed! That was deliberate. smile.gif
November 25 2015 22:36:57
TofzegritTofzegrit Hey! Side by Side again, cool!
Low frequencies welcome here and you did it well.
We have the same car and the same perfectionist profile Wink
I like petebass comment, I've met some troubles too around some subtle nuancessmile.gif

+1 November 25 2015 23:36:26 TofzegritDannyK
I was ready to quit this one many times but like Honda I kept going and going ... Thanks!
November 26 2015 09:46:43 Tofzegritrp3drums
I also almost quit this song many times!
November 25 2015 21:51:44
AKchenAKchen awesome ...
+1 November 25 2015 22:33:05 AKchenDannyK
November 25 2015 21:38:54
petebasspetebass Hi Dan nice bass. it's quite a tricky one this for us bass players,I tried and gave up on this track so well done !!!
+1 November 25 2015 22:32:50 petebassDannyK
You ain't kidding! I was creating new chords chasing the root around! And thanks, smile.gif
November 25 2015 20:41:25
PsychoPsycho Excellent !!
+1 November 25 2015 20:42:38 PsychoDannyK
Thank you. smile.gif
Sounds like: [ coldplay ]

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