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This one was in my "to do" and sometimes I'm going to pick a track in this list !
I have added an electric guitar on this again awesome song from Al' composed by CK and added by a nice guy on drums :)

I love this one some space available for a solo at the end, I've just did one and I am behind
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December 01 2015 06:38:27
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic !!
December 01 2015 03:04:20
mpointonmpointon Wonderful, Tof. The drums bug me on this track. They're not quite 'right'. They drag, I think. But you've given it life with your trademark playing. Your knack for playing the right thing is extraordinary. And this is no exception.
+1 December 01 2015 03:08:37 mpointonTofzegrit
Merci Martin, I did this one between the bass and the guitar on "Buzy Thing..." T've spent a full musical day with you... I like it smile.gif
December 01 2015 00:44:58
aleonzaleonz oh this is wonderful, sounds really sweet and cool to my ears ! so great to hear this song again with your fresh guitar after a while smile.gif thank you
+1 December 01 2015 00:57:08 aleonzTofzegrit
Merci Al' and I just realize I have already did it in september with schumdrummer smile.gif That was coming so easily and the guitar is tuned smile.gif
November 30 2015 21:19:20
nuno1959nuno1959 You ticked all the boxes Tof
& what a mix you chose, superb song !!
GREAT work, absolutely.. Wink

+1 November 30 2015 22:58:41 nuno1959Tofzegrit
You know about the "To DO" list... smile.gif
Merci Nuno !
November 30 2015 23:12:25 nuno1959nuno1959
Do i ever - i have a ''to do'' folder with HUNDREDS ! Shock Grin
November 30 2015 23:36:37 nuno1959Tofzegrit
I just realize I had already add to this one with shum on drums it was 2 months ago, that why that came to me so easily... Grin
November 30 2015 20:09:21
WadeWade The right sounds in the right place. Magic.
+1 November 30 2015 22:57:59 WadeTofzegrit
... and Right comment too smile.gif merci Wade
November 30 2015 18:34:12
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Really with the right feeling for it Tof! And sweet Tone too!! smile.gif
+1 November 30 2015 22:57:35 frankyguitarTofzegrit
Merci Franky !
November 30 2015 18:01:35
aduadu very nice HoptophopGrin
+1 November 30 2015 22:56:54 aduTofzegrit
merci Adu
November 30 2015 14:04:55
kimbokimbo top pop! hop hop hop!
+1 November 30 2015 22:56:39 kimboTofzegrit
Merci Kim
November 30 2015 14:01:57
AKchenAKchen enjoy it while drinking my coffee before work Wink beautiful ..
+2 November 30 2015 22:56:31 AKchenTofzegrit
Now it's the evening and I hope your day was cool as this song my Fairy
December 01 2015 00:06:45 AKchenAKchen
it was ok Wink and it goes on ... Wink fine night to you beautiful hearts smile.gif
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