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way out of my league... but had to attempted (one pass one take, the way i like to do it... bum notes and all ) ...just need bit of alex j and all my bits will smooth out.

seriously ...the drummer is the nuts as is the keyboard man...i shouldnt really be allowed to play with guys like this ...but my mum said it would be ok:)
thanks for the ride boys


January 10 2016 22:27:19
GuitarzanGuitarzan Want I just wanted to say that I enjoyed that
!! Very good!

December 02 2015 02:35:44
kennyadrykennyadry Great playing Limbo! It has a soft jazz vibe to it"
December 01 2015 19:18:35
barkndogbarkndog This is really good. Swings.
+0 December 01 2015 20:56:51 barkndogkimbo
Thanks ..... but not swing time
Swing time is twobeat like ska or blu eatWink
December 17 2015 02:50:52 barkndogmpointon
Lol. You sod. I meant it feels good! Grin
December 01 2015 03:54:19
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine playing!
+0 December 01 2015 07:37:00 akethesnakerkimbo
From you a real compliment. Thanks ake
December 01 2015 02:28:48
mpointonmpointon You're never out of your league with me. Never. Nobody is. I play. As do you. As always, your add is from the heart and it works. I'd love to beat how good you are into you but I think you'd slap me back! Fabulous play, K!
+0 December 01 2015 07:38:15 mpointonkimbo
Killer drums!
December 01 2015 01:41:20
aleonzaleonz Smooth and sweet lines here Kimbo, very cool add!
+0 December 01 2015 07:37:34 aleonzkimbo
Thanks for your kind words.
November 30 2015 21:16:59
nuno1959nuno1959 Ah well, if your Mum said it was OK, then all's forgiven !!
SPECIALLY the fact that your add is excellent.. Wink

+0 November 30 2015 21:47:06 nuno1959kimbo
Thank you my friend.
November 30 2015 20:07:08
WadeWade Always try to play with people who (you think) are better then you (until they kick you out). Can't kick anyone out of a jam here! Sounds good to me anyway.
+0 November 30 2015 20:08:49 Wadekimbo
I always end up playing with really good people wade.....I'm the only duffer here!
November 30 2015 20:20:09 WadeWade
That's what each of us (should) think. Keeps us striving in a good way. Nothing worse than trying to play an ego (yours or someone eases).
November 30 2015 21:05:50 Wadekimbo
Total agreement here....
November 30 2015 19:49:27
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool Kimbo, works very well.
November 30 2015 19:40:34
MarceysMarceys Out of your league? Don't speak nonsense! You play with a very cool flow, great sound and have incredible timing! Love your playing Kimbo! smile.gif
+0 November 30 2015 19:42:31 Marceyskimbo
So nice of you to say...thanks man
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