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Ok. I had to say I overdid this. For the reason that I just felt this track belongs to me. Sorry Marcey and Martin, but I felt the need of owning this track a bit. But don't worry, I left big space :) this track just motivated me to be Greg Howe. I know I'm dreaming with that, but this track just pushed me to put into application the licks that I've been learning for this guitar hero of mine. But if it doesn't sound like Greg, then I'm okay with that :) I also have to apologize not to adding to Uncle Tof, just noticed it now.


January 27 2016 04:09:32
k9k9 amazing!
December 19 2015 07:42:29
KeiKei Aken ko!! What the. This is really good!!!
December 02 2015 22:17:47
LieschingLiesching This is pro playing! So many different vibes. Awesome, Kenny!
+1 December 03 2015 05:47:56 Lieschingkennyadry
Thanks a lot Marc smile.gif:coming from you it makes me smile smile.gif
December 01 2015 21:12:16
nuno1959nuno1959 Oh, i thought i had commented on this but apparently not.. Frown
Fantastic guitar part you brought to the table Kenny, superb playing, tone, you name it !! So well done.. Wink

+1 December 02 2015 01:25:57 nuno1959kennyadry
I think that was because I deleted it, I mistakenly placed it under Kimbo's add cos I just searched the title of the track foraddiadding. I'm so glad you like it my friend smile.gif
December 01 2015 19:23:34
WadeWade What an amazingly cooked track! Man oh man Kenny you have got talent just oozing out of you. There are always going to be people who can play faster, but that's not always very musical. Knowing what to play and how to fit are far more important. You've got it.
+0 December 02 2015 01:23:13 Wadekennyadry
Very heartwarming comment Wade! Thank you! I was actually worried about it not being musical, but coming from you, that makes my day Grin
December 01 2015 19:21:08
barkndogbarkndog Great take. Greg Howe like indeed.
+1 December 02 2015 01:21:13 barkndogkennyadry
Thank you Bark dog! smile.gif
December 01 2015 05:59:08
GirardGirard Amazing track smile.gif
+1 December 02 2015 01:20:39 Girardkennyadry
Thank you Girard! smile.gif
December 02 2015 02:17:01 GirardGirard
December 01 2015 03:52:23
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super guitar playing!
+1 December 01 2015 04:36:40 akethesnakerkennyadry
Thanks a lot Ake smile.gif
December 01 2015 02:48:08
mpointonmpointon Where do I start with you, Kenny? Don't apologise for ripping the track up - I'd already done that! And no, you've not taken over, you've followed the logical conclusion and realised what my mind's ear heard. This is, frankly, phenomenal. You phrase with Marc where I ignored him, then your solo work is superb, without question worthy of a certain Mr Howe who you reference.

You go 'mad' but it sounds open and fluid - airy, creative and melodic. You are an extraordinary talent able to take on simple and tasteful tracks with the same conviction and heart as the most complex undertakings such as this. You are an utter joy to listen to. You know when to play and when not to - be proud of that.

This is phenomenal and I'm a loss for words.

+3 December 01 2015 04:35:26 mpointonkennyadry
True! You rip it open, and I seconded Grin your drumming here, I am hearing a lot of Dennis Chamber from you, is literally what i was trying to imagine when i heard Marc's template. And as a boy who grow up merely listening to Greg Howe (could'nt complete any of his songs, that man is crazy) I felt that this was the only opportunity to so play some little things i learned from that guy! that airy thing you mention is the easiest thing i could copy from him Grin Thanks a lot for that "ala Dennis Chamber" drumming Martin!
December 01 2015 01:26:50
aleonzaleonz KENNYYYYYY!!!! I should write your name in a capital letters, this is fantastic! that is not wrong i call you awesome brother! this is a killer add Kenny! BRAVO! thumbs up, hat off!
+2 December 01 2015 04:27:26 aleonzkennyadry
Thank you so much Alice! And you are an awesome sister and musician!! smile.gif
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