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Don't you just hate Christmas songs? haha well, great. Because I've written one. I thought to myself, what shall I write about? Sexy little elves and their stockings? (and suspenders), how many gifts I want this year? Or Who killed Santa? Actually I like that last idea. Be on the lookout haha but no. This time I wrote a song trying to raise awareness about the planet and the tiny insignificant lives on it. So, if you have a garden, please, please, hang a damn basket of bird seed. Seriously. There's wee birdies out their catching their deaths. Thank you for listening, and maybe reading this. :) show lyrics


July 03 2016 02:12:20
jamladyjamlady how wonderful Josh!
June 12 2016 18:51:51
PewiPewi This is incredibly beautiful !!
December 12 2015 03:50:56
mpointonmpointon Your versatility shines through. Your voice just works. And your vocal creativity is second-to-none.

I'm just going to write the word 'briliant' against all your adds.

You, like Alice, are the reason the X-Factor, et al, are an utter f**king mockery.

So many thumbs to you. This is the nuts.

+1 December 18 2015 01:05:23 mpointonJoshDexter
I could write a whole thing, but I feel like Thank you is the best response smile.gif Also, I'm working on a second duet with Alice we will be posting in the next few days, I hope you'll hear it xD
December 03 2015 01:05:20
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine singing!smile.gif
December 02 2015 15:02:11
petebasspetebass Hi Josh great vocals! very cool trackWink
December 02 2015 14:47:54
aleonzaleonz You really are a words smith Josh, always enjoy reading your lyrics, especially while listening your gorgeous voice floating sweetly (yes sweet you know) in the air, wonderful song you two!

ps: that "oh yeah" is sounds so cute Josh!

December 02 2015 01:57:01
MidoruMidoru Very beautiful song.
+1 December 02 2015 11:58:08 MidoruJoshDexter
Thank youuu!!!
December 02 2015 00:36:41
FishinmissioFishinmissio Great job Josh smile.gif
+1 December 02 2015 00:42:25 FishinmissioJoshDexter
Do you think there is any room for your Sax? Grin
December 02 2015 00:43:24 FishinmissioFishinmissio
Lemme play with it smile.gif
December 02 2015 00:30:08
cody trippcody tripp Killer !!!!
+1 December 02 2015 00:43:30 cody trippJoshDexter
Grin Your music bleeds emotion. I can't help but try to add something special.
December 01 2015 23:29:27
PsychoPsycho Very good song Josh... fine theme smile.gif
+1 December 02 2015 00:26:05 PsychoJoshDexter
Thank you smile.gif
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