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December 03 2015 10:18:44
AKchenAKchen so cool Wink
+1 December 05 2015 05:59:49 AKchenMarianne
Many thanks, Andrea! smile.gif
December 02 2015 23:53:33
PsychoPsycho Like some have mentioned, this is a fine backing... well done !!!!
+1 December 03 2015 08:35:42 PsychoMarianne
Thank you so much for stopping in so faithfully, Psycho! Your appreciation means a lot! smile.gif
December 02 2015 23:20:56
RobMRobM Great backing music, a sexy sax, steamy lyrics and Marianne's sultry voice ..... Is it getting hot in here !! Great song Ladies !! smile.gif
+1 December 03 2015 08:34:49 RobMMarianne
It's getting hotter with YOUR compliment, dear Rob! YOU ROCK! smile.gif
December 02 2015 23:04:53
aleonzaleonz you ladies have a very unique way of creating your piece of art, the contrast of the music and softly of your spoken words work well by the flowing track...enjoying this track Paidra & Marianne!
+1 December 03 2015 08:33:40 aleonzMarianne
And you, dear Alice, have an amazing way to appreciate and express your response to our kind of music! Thank you muchly! smile.gif
December 02 2015 22:28:20
fannefanne Like the bi-tonality in the beginning evolving to a semi tonality,always like someone who walks offroad...otherwise we would be still playing Jailhouse rock..
+1 December 03 2015 08:31:10 fanneMarianne
Oh my, John, such a fascinating response! Thank you muchly! smile.gif
December 02 2015 20:46:12
LieschingLiesching Marianne and Paidra, an intense piece of art you´re offering today! smile.gif
+1 December 03 2015 08:29:42 LieschingMarianne
Thank you so much for your generous recognition of our art, Marc! smile.gif

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