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thank you Cody :) oh my, it´s an anniversary, 500. jam of you ! congratulation ;)
love the other remixes :)
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March 29 2016 10:14:46
WoodstockWoodstock Super Cool! Gefällt mir sehr gut smile.gif
+1 March 29 2016 16:37:44 WoodstockAKchen
danke sehr smile.gif
January 25 2016 15:08:12
FunkystanFunkystan Very cool... Thanks ^^
December 08 2015 12:18:35
ROBJOLROBJOL Sensual and floating over the real world. I love...
+1 December 08 2015 13:36:36 ROBJOLAKchen
happy about your lyrical words my dear friend smile.gif
December 07 2015 22:31:36
StefStef WoW Andrea !! Absolutely cool! A charming voice! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 December 08 2015 13:35:41 StefAKchen
thank you Wink
December 07 2015 19:40:04
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantasticsmile.gif
+1 December 08 2015 13:35:28 Lenny CowlerAKchen
danke Lenny smile.gif
December 06 2015 21:22:17
WadeWade Got to admit that I'm really not sure how to take this track. Could be tongue in cheek? Doesn't matter. Makes me smile and your tone/attitude fits perfectly...even if it's satirical.
+1 December 06 2015 21:25:01 WadeAKchen
nono, it´s serious ... but thank you Wink fashion is my very hobby since I can talk or think, so please do not laugh, haha Wink
December 06 2015 23:38:43 WadeWade
OK, I promise not to laugh..but I did smile. It's just that it so sensual...maybe I just don't know how to react to that sort of sensuality coupled with fashion (which I unfortunately associate with commercialism). A dichotomy?
December 07 2015 07:00:46 WadeAKchen
maybe more a tender admireing feeling for real elegant ladies ? maybe because I`m more Bob the Builder and never could be like that Wink no problem to me, hehe
December 07 2015 07:05:49 WadeWade
Maybe I've just lived in the woods too long. I talk to trees all day long and my pet chicken who follows me everywhere. No sophistication. My wife is elegant, has lots of fine clothes, but almost never wears them...she loves to chop wood and make fires. I know we are odd.
December 07 2015 07:15:08 WadeAKchen
Wink it is a dream world, more seen in magazines and movies, seldem in nreal life ... I love your chicken story, love to nature and fashion is same for me, but nature is so much more important ... so I understand you very well ... thank you for the dialog ... guess my thing with fashion is more passion than love, maybe both Wink I am born with, always wanted to become a designer, haha, I also understand your wife a lot smile.gif
December 06 2015 21:18:13
MarceysMarceys That is so cool AKchen! Love it! smile.gif
+1 December 06 2015 21:19:44 MarceysAKchen
thank you so much, happy when you love it smile.gif
December 06 2015 18:49:28
kennyadrykennyadry The intro is very very sexy...the entire thing is awesome!! Lovely Akchen!
+1 December 06 2015 21:18:59 kennyadryAKchen
hehe, thank you Wink
December 06 2015 16:38:15
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic ! Love it. Playlisted
+1 December 06 2015 21:18:35 cody trippAKchen
love it when you love it smile.gif
December 06 2015 16:35:32
abuitremoremabuitremorem Hier bewundere ich nur smile.gif smile.gif
+1 December 06 2015 21:18:09 abuitremoremAKchen
smile.gif danke

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