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Sadowsky track.

This song has hypnotized me from the first notes, so I decided to give my contribution...
Thanks to Frankie, Danalyze and Anne!


December 13 2015 14:07:20
jjdfjjdf cool! Wink
December 13 2015 00:10:26
aleonzaleonz Excellent play, and the mix is crystal clear, love it Alby!
December 12 2015 23:07:14
StefStef Fantastic bass Alby! smile.gif
December 08 2015 17:55:58
AnneCozeanAnneCozean oh, Alby - i'm so glad you joined the Hypnotized Club with me. smile.gif your bass on the chorus especially is deliciously jaunty. your mix is just wonderful - thank you so much! smile.gif
+1 December 08 2015 21:22:47 AnneCozeanAlby
Play your songs is a pleasure, Anne!
It's really nice to do it...
December 08 2015 13:30:09
AKchenAKchen so fine & cool
+1 December 08 2015 14:11:50 AKchenAlby
The piece may also work alone , because the guitar creates a perfect sound carpet, but it seems that this soft bass there is just fine!
December 08 2015 09:49:15
JeebsieJeebsie Awesome Albysmile.gif
The Sadowsky sounds good too!

+1 December 08 2015 11:00:58 JeebsieAlby
Yes Jeebsie !
A great wood, I use it for almost everything except hard rock and metal, which in my opinion are better Fender Precision and Warwick...
December 08 2015 12:33:22 JeebsieJeebsie
Thanks for the information Alby.
I've always wanted a Sadowsky!
December 08 2015 14:35:50 JeebsieRelativity
I agree but add the Gibson Thunderbird. . The neck is thinner. Its how I do fast runs.My version on this song was a T bird with DRS Sunbeam strings. I have an alembic a Warwick but more then not Im slinging that T bird with Rotos. Next time at the guitar shop grab one and try it. Im looking at a T bird based custom from Clement bass right now called an Angel. Google Clement bass.
December 08 2015 14:52:27 JeebsieJeebsie
Clement look really good!
December 08 2015 15:18:02 JeebsieRelativity
Laurus Quasar Bass...very hard to buy one unless you have cash up front. only from Italy...
December 08 2015 15:20:03 JeebsieAlby
Thanks Relativity!
I have listened your version, the T-bird sounds very good!
Clearly my opinion refers to basses that I have and that I can test well .
When I have time I'll try a T-bird!
December 08 2015 08:14:32
FrankieJFrankieJ Well done!
+1 December 08 2015 09:00:35 FrankieJAlby
Thanks Frankie!
December 08 2015 07:37:19
TofzegritTofzegrit Excellent chameleon: How to be there without too much level? I like this subtle bass presence!
Bravo Alby

+1 December 08 2015 08:59:42 TofzegritAlby
Grazie Tof!
When I get to play parts of "unplugged" like this, I use the passive mode with tone 70% closed (this setting is the same that I use on the fender standard jazz), the rest I do it with my fingers, playing very light and near to the neck...
December 08 2015 05:49:34
cody trippcody tripp So Good !!
+1 December 08 2015 09:01:43 cody trippAlby
Thanks Cody!
December 08 2015 05:38:52
RelativityRelativity Awesome Bass! Well thought and arranged!
+1 December 08 2015 09:06:30 RelativityAlby
Thank you so much!
Sounds like: [ Alby ] [ AnneCozean ] [ Danalyze45 ] [ Frankyejazz ]
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