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ddruszkowski wrote the lyrics to this back in 1989 and asked me to sing them for him with his blues guitar over voodooking's awesome template. Cool to be a part of something so long in the making. Thanks for letting me join you in this! Be sure to head back one track and give him some major props for his song. Also, unrelated but neat fact, turns out we live 20 miles apart and didn't know each other until this website based in Germany. Long Live Wikiloops! :)


July 12 2016 21:19:40
francisco alfrancisco al grande vocal bom trabalho
June 10 2016 00:13:44
NeronickNeronick You are a great singer. I bet there is a song in the world only you can sing. Find it! smile.gif
+1 June 10 2016 15:28:00 NeronickKellsBells
Thank you so much! I'm searching for it! Wink
April 10 2016 19:43:25
JDFJDF Smooth and sultry. Very nice smile.gif
January 31 2016 01:19:47
FunkystanFunkystan This is great... Thanks ^^
January 28 2016 03:02:44
AujeAuje Love it!
+1 February 06 2016 03:58:16 AujeKellsBells
Thank you Auje! smile.gif
January 16 2016 14:19:05
LieschingLiesching Listened again, awesome...❤️
+1 January 16 2016 14:56:47 LieschingKellsBells
To what do I owe this pleasure of having you here to listen a second time?! Wink Thank you so much, Marc. smile.gif It is my pleasure to sing for you! Grin
January 16 2016 15:45:54 LieschingLiesching
If you´d know how much I listen your tracks, you wouldn´t have asked smile.gif
January 17 2016 10:48:21 LieschingKellsBells
...blushing... smile.gif
January 12 2016 04:39:20
justd0itjustd0it Great line, riffs, and awesome vocs! Love the overall sound.
+1 January 12 2016 04:41:01 justd0itKellsBells
Thanks!! smile.gif This was a fun one!
December 15 2015 14:15:50
YoWildYoWild superb good. love it!
+1 December 15 2015 14:38:18 YoWildKellsBells
Thanks, Yo!
December 14 2015 18:09:34
AnneCozeanAnneCozean template is terrific - great mellow watery keys and blistering big guitar voice. Kells - love, love, LOVE your heart in this sing. you got the pain, you got the torment, you got the blues in that vocal. lord have mercy on your suffering soul, Girl - you nailed this. smile.gif
+3 December 15 2015 14:42:39 AnneCozeanKellsBells
Haha! Love, love, LOVE this comment Dear Anne. Thank you so much! smile.gif Always a pleasure to have you listening. Grin
December 13 2015 13:32:13
frenziefrenzie Super blues from all of you
love to hear your blue notes Kell! smile.gif
Oh yeah!

+1 December 13 2015 15:38:41 frenzieKellsBells
Thank you Frenzie! So glad you liked it! smile.gif
December 13 2015 18:46:24 frenziefrenzie
Thnx for showing the template as well great work from the other 2 bluescats smile.gif nice story on the 20 mile zone via Germany hail to wikiloops indeed Grin
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