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Ok That's done, for the third time I let my mood drives me to sing!
Just follow a kind of muse, feeling, envy, craziness...

A tribute to Cody, who gives us so much here

Improvisation Lyrics and sorry, I have also added a guitar ( like Jimi ;)) to 2'29 then... Cody's Solo
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June 28 2016 03:20:37
GemmyFGemmyF killer guitar part at the end too!
+1 June 28 2016 03:23:45 GemmyFTofzegrit
cody is playing the last solo smile.gif
June 28 2016 03:25:20 GemmyFGemmyF
Which is your's the beginning? if so I was tottaly digging it! too!
June 28 2016 04:07:29 GemmyFTofzegrit
I play along except this last one smile.gif, merci Gemmy
June 28 2016 04:16:45 GemmyFGemmyF
yeah the clean tasty licks-- Great Playing as usual!
June 28 2016 03:19:52
GemmyFGemmyF lay it out there, feels good!
December 28 2015 16:42:41
frenziefrenzie Hee chris amazing! Like the hendrix like approach! Really cool and you got the high parts ... amazing smile.gif smile.gif
+1 December 28 2015 16:49:17 frenzieTofzegrit
Yes thanks you noticed that!! Hey Tom = Hey Joe. smile.gif
But I did the vocals separatelysmile.gif
December 28 2015 17:00:18 frenziefrenzie
as always..jimi rules! smile.gif
December 14 2015 18:13:37
AnneCozeanAnneCozean "amazing brother....!!"
how fun to hear your voice, Chris.
sounds like you are so full of love, you had to share it with us all or explode. sweet little guitar embellishments sound good with the Amazing Brother Tom. dig the wah wah ending - dig you BOTH. you are both amazing brothers. COME ON AND HOP!

+1 December 15 2015 03:17:18 AnneCozeanTofzegrit
Oh Oh
Hey Anne, my Mesmerizing sister
I love you
We love you so much!
I did a spanish song today and I know how women love surprises Wink
Nothing can stop me now Grin
Merci beaucoup
December 13 2015 16:29:46
ivaxivax WoW!!! great Tofz vocals... amazing
December 13 2015 00:35:57
nuno1959nuno1959 Hop, hop, hop indeed Mr Chris !! Wink
Cool song..

December 12 2015 12:45:32
CarpenterCarpenter ...add some spring reverb and you´ll sound like Jim Morrison; very cool, Tof smile.gif
+1 December 12 2015 13:01:09 CarpenterTofzegrit
Hey Carpenter, my groovy brother!
You give me
You give us so much
Merci smile.gif
December 12 2015 11:16:31
aleonzaleonz oh oh oh what a surprise you gave us here Tof! you should singing more often! you really fit so cool with this style brother! and that emotion you lay here so fantastic! This is so great brother!
+1 December 12 2015 11:53:44 aleonzTofzegrit
Hey Al', my angel sister!
You give me
You give us so much.
Merci Alice
December 12 2015 10:46:38
akethesnakerakethesnaker Grin
+1 December 12 2015 11:52:36 akethesnakerTofzegrit
Hey'K, my other older brother!
You give me
You give us so much!
December 12 2015 05:21:59
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfectsmile.gif
+1 December 12 2015 05:44:14 Lenny CowlerTofzegrit
eh eh

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