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Letting off some steam with all that is going on


December 13 2015 00:38:58
nuno1959nuno1959 Killer template choice & killer playing Dan !!
December 12 2015 11:21:18
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool playing Dan
December 12 2015 09:15:56
will_Cwill_C Boahh!
Really e.l.e.c.t.r.i.f.i.e.d.!

December 12 2015 09:10:53
CarpenterCarpenter great...!
December 12 2015 05:29:32
RelativityRelativity Go Dan Go!
December 12 2015 03:34:48
AlbyAlby Great!
I have no words...

+1 December 12 2015 05:10:53 AlbyDanalyze45
Thank you Alby...I had no words either and this is what came of that smile.gif
December 12 2015 01:30:34
TofzegritTofzegrit Damned Dan what you've Done !!!
0:26 --> 0:30 Aaah?!!!
0:35 --> 0:40 AAAaarrrrrrrrrrrrhh
01:03 ----> AAAARGGgghhh Again
01:25 I certainly will be failed here too Grin
After 01:50 Multi Aaaaaarrggh and WOwowwOWOWo ... and so on
Full of great feeling, skills, phrasing, tone...
Very very 02:23 !!

You are a master player and this track was done for you my friend, goosebumps for me, really.

+2 December 12 2015 05:10:21 TofzegritDanalyze45
lolol...many thanks TOF. Some play by play on your points.

*26 to 30 = Reverse raked 5th position Dm chord with some legato

*35 to 40 = Slowwwwww bend with Sustainiac pickup to bring out the 3rd harmonic as the note sustains. Some semi wide vibrato as that third comes soars in.

*1:03 = Another slowwwwww bend with the Sustainiac engaged smile.gif

*1:25 = This one was a happy accident while practicing one day. Dm Pentatonic 10th position. Pull off on high E from the 13th to 10th frets and then an upward sweep right up the B, G and D strings and flurry how you like in the lower register to cycle it back to the high E string again smile.gif

After 1:50 = Lots of anger and and trying to balance melody and ferocity a la Gary Moore. Also switched the sustainiac to bringing out the upper 5th harmonics on the sustained notes.

2:23 = Sustainiac on another painful bend bringing out the 5th harmonic as the note sustains and a bit of whammy bar fun.

It was as close as I could get to expressing the recent loss in a productive way Sad smile.gif
December 12 2015 05:18:57 TofzegritTofzegrit
That's so chinese language for me but that sounds to my ears... and I admire you can play what you've learned and worked.
I have always been frightened by musical theory and scales practicing ... I have a lot of regrets but...
December 12 2015 05:21:10 TofzegritDanalyze45
The theory can box us in sometimes too though...luckily I picked and had many great blues influences to be able to keep the theory in check and let the heart dictate smile.gif
December 12 2015 06:27:24 TofzegritTofzegrit
I can ear your heart!
December 12 2015 01:11:46
DrumshticksDrumshticks I can feel it wonderful playing Dan .D
December 11 2015 23:57:38
RickplayerRickplayer Well done Dan
December 11 2015 23:51:44
PsychoPsycho Excellent play... steam will do the trick smile.gif
+1 December 12 2015 05:11:39 PsychoDanalyze45
There will be lots more where this one came from I am sure. Thanks man.
December 12 2015 05:16:57 PsychoPsycho
Well, I wish better for ya Dan !!!
December 12 2015 05:19:14 PsychoDanalyze45
Time is the healer...I know it will pass in course. My worry is for my little one. She's having an understandably rough go. Thanks for the wish smile.gif

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