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Wrote these lyrics but just can't come up with the melody.... Maybe someone else can. Or make up new lyrics-

We use to be something
the perfect couple they would say.
we thought it would last forever
Every week I brought you a bouquet

You'd make me breakfast in bed.
We couldn't walk by each other
without a tender touch.
Told each other "I love you
This much"

Where did things go wrong with us babe
Could we have made it work ?
You left in tears
and called me a jerk.

Maybe we took each other for granted
was it selfishness... I don't know
Now when we pass by each other
we don't even say hello.

Sitting here alone
at the wedding of our friends.
Watching you dancing with another
wishin it was me holding you instead.


December 20 2015 22:27:46
gwailoahgwailoah Wow. Violin just pulls out the pain. Sweet.
December 19 2015 05:56:29
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fantastic!
December 19 2015 05:55:51
SlonMusicSlonMusic Wow!!
December 19 2015 03:59:34
glennpglennp Very nice Tom...soft and sweet eith a touch of sadness. Well done.
December 19 2015 00:37:59
aleonzaleonz This one is so beautiful Tom!
December 18 2015 21:50:03
WadeWade You've got this style so well down. Still amazes me you can play/conceive of music so well in so many styles.
December 18 2015 20:51:44
jamladyjamlady great!!
December 18 2015 20:34:25
StefStef Another great country template Tom!
December 18 2015 19:17:59
PsychoPsycho Well done cody !!
December 18 2015 16:53:17
GatorblueGatorblue Really nice---very pretty--incredible work with the violin samples (I assume? or do you play violin too?)
+1 December 18 2015 16:58:47 Gatorbluecody tripp
No I only play Guitar and Bass and Sing.

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