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nice little melody with my nice little flute and Cody at his best !


December 23 2015 06:56:56
frankyguitarfrankyguitar A flute is always a bit an unusal instrument in rock music, ( okay Ian Anderson) but you played it so great, how could I this not linking? No way!! Sounds beautiful!!!
+1 December 23 2015 07:07:29 frankyguitarHiFiFlutes
Frankie...What you said is one of the nicest things I have heard smile.gif I hope to remain playing my "beautifully unusual" tunes, you re enforce my desire to continue diligently .. Thank you.
December 22 2015 00:17:42
akethesnakerakethesnaker Beautiful!smile.gif
+1 December 22 2015 00:42:03 akethesnakerHiFiFlutes
as always your compliment means a lot to me. smile.gif thanks for listening in AKE smile.gif
December 21 2015 23:32:31
RobMRobM This is stunning ! Such a wonderfully beautiful add Piper smile.gif
+1 December 22 2015 00:40:20 RobMHiFiFlutes
Thanks RobM. To be sure there is only one piper. I'm not her BUT I sure do appreciate your liking of this little ditty ! thx smile.gif HIFI Chris
December 22 2015 00:42:59 RobMRobM
My apologies Chris. Dont know where my brain is today. But it is a beautiful add nonetheless ! smile.gif Will be more careful next time Wink
December 22 2015 00:44:23 RobMHiFiFlutes
All good , No worries, It is a flute !! appreciate you chiming in !! thx smile.gif
December 21 2015 20:24:54
GatorblueGatorblue incredible add--very Native sounding--reminds me of my days in No. New Mexico.
+1 December 22 2015 00:38:25 GatorblueHiFiFlutes
Thank you Gator ! smile.gif I enjoyed playing it !!
December 21 2015 18:32:09
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler It was always too nice listeningsmile.gif
+0 December 21 2015 18:34:03 Lenny CowlerHiFiFlutes
smile.gif say nice thing make me happy smile.gif
December 21 2015 18:24:19
cody trippcody tripp Man you're fast. Fantastic !! Love it
Sounds like: [ 6 hole wood flute ] [ Cody ] [ Mello jello ]

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