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upright Bass:

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remix step 2 remix step 2
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thank you Eric :) ... shortened it a bit, I hope it´s ok for youshow lyrics


January 03 2016 18:36:16
Mike_66Mike_66 One of these rare part of expressionistic art in music ...
December 27 2015 18:27:12
josepssvjosepssv Over difficult you fly!.
Congratulations for this new sound perspective!

+1 December 27 2015 20:29:58 josepssvAKchen
hi José smile.gif yes, is was an experiment indeed and I will try another version too, maybe lighter ?? haha .. will see .. thank you smile.gif
December 27 2015 15:13:42
abuitremoremabuitremorem ergänzt den Supertrack von Eric ideal. Toll ! )
+1 December 27 2015 20:28:58 abuitremoremAKchen
danke dir smile.gif
December 27 2015 13:32:14
ericblomericblom Alright, 3th Christmas Day: housewife's rebel Day....
Great song Andrea, the lyrics suits very well with the music.
thanks very much for choosing my template, it's an honor.

+1 December 27 2015 20:28:47 ericblomAKchen
hi Eric, I#m not that glad with it and will try another version of "singing" the lyrics Wink thank you so much for your lovely words smile.gif I feel honored to add to your music smile.gif
December 27 2015 22:11:25 ericblomericblom
It is good that you are critical about your own creations. if I may ask you: what doesn't satisfy you in this add? (For me; your timing is very nice and loose and I'm a big fan of your intonation.)
December 28 2015 19:59:54 ericblomAKchen
now you can have a look my dear Wink Wink and you may understand me Wink
December 27 2015 11:47:47
GlezBassGlezBass That it's cool...
+1 December 27 2015 20:27:35 GlezBassAKchen
thank you smile.gif
December 27 2015 09:06:15
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super sissmile.gif
+1 December 27 2015 09:45:45 Lenny CowlerAKchen
thank you smile.gif
December 27 2015 09:00:24
RelativityRelativity I do not go walkies
Do not go walkies
the dog stays inside..

There are so many great lyric lines in this song!


+1 December 27 2015 09:45:30 RelativityAKchen
oh my, I could never do this, haha Wink thanks smile.gif
December 27 2015 08:27:24
TofzegritTofzegrit You with Eric or José...
that's your best "totally away" side we like so much here!
When my Fairy can't fly straight but fly hard smile.gif

+1 December 27 2015 08:29:21 TofzegritAKchen
what poetry dear Tof ... thank you so much smile.gif smile.gif yes, I love to sing with them Wink
December 27 2015 07:24:07
aleonzaleonz This track will be excellent to add into some theatrical scene Andrea! and that lyrics just make me giggle while listening your singin...I absolutely can relate to that hahahah
+1 December 27 2015 07:46:57 aleonzAKchen
Grin hahaha ... enough theater at each home Wink thank you smile.gif
December 27 2015 04:45:58
MishteriaMishteria Very good akchen smile.gif
+1 December 27 2015 07:45:51 MishteriaAKchen
thank you Mish smile.gif
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