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This is probably one of the biggest projects I've done. It's so big in fact, that it's not even completed yet. I still want you guys to give me feedback on what I have so far and I will finish it tomorrow. I really hope you enjoy this. I worked very hard.


January 06 2016 12:31:27
LieschingLiesching This is already huge. Very looking forward to the final version.
January 02 2016 05:08:42
SlonMusicSlonMusic Epic! Great work.
January 01 2016 21:14:11
WadeWade I hear this in a "Classical Music" sense as symphonic movements, especially as in the same key and evoking different states. Needs at least one more movement in my opinion. Really like what's there so far.
January 01 2016 17:04:49
PsychoPsycho Can't wait to hear the final version... great stuff smile.gif
January 01 2016 14:27:00
BassterBasster Awesome tune bro - i like the deep and heavy sound!!
January 01 2016 12:41:23
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfectsmile.gif
January 01 2016 11:04:37
onewholeftonewholeft What would you like me to add for you ?
January 01 2016 10:57:30
josepssvjosepssv I like this so much!!
Drone to rhythm!!
I work for this

January 01 2016 10:51:16
cody trippcody tripp GREAT. Can't wait for the finished product.
January 01 2016 10:46:18
MarceysMarceys It is a great track man! Beautiful sounds that come and go.....real quality!
This track to me is as a sort of soundtrack that can be used in a movie! Got a good groove and is strong in it's direction!
The only thing that got my eyebrows up was the hit at 02:41 and the start at 03:23 it sounds almost as it was distorted.....
Compliments man, real good work!

+1 January 01 2016 14:26:16 MarceysBasster
I think zachary wanted that hits to be sound distorted Wink
January 01 2016 14:57:02 MarceysMarceys
Ah, well don't get me wrong about that..... It sounds awesome as a mentioned but he also asked for feedback....

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