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Fine Tof template I had fun with. Lots of big holes in this for others to jump into and I'm kind of doing backing a lot of the time.


August 11 2016 02:50:43
francisco alfrancisco al legal. bom trabalho Wade
+1 August 11 2016 07:45:00 francisco alWade
Este também é um início. foi muito divertido para mim.
March 05 2016 16:54:43
OliVBeeOliVBee cool track smile.gif i'm liking the relaxed pace here !
+1 March 05 2016 22:59:14 OliVBeeWade
Thanks OliVBee. Been a while since I've heard any new music from you. Missing it very much.
March 04 2016 22:49:38
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk slowly cool jam here!
+0 March 05 2016 22:58:19 @FreshFunkWade
Thanks F.F. Some great adds after this worth a listen.
March 03 2016 17:25:44
aleonzaleonz so glad to found 2 of your track this evening Wade, been away for awhile and so happy to listen this gorgeous sax track of yours, i feel so relax!
+1 March 03 2016 23:19:22 aleonzWade
I haven't been around for a while either. I'm honored that you bothered to go looking and check this out. Thanks so much.
March 01 2016 23:45:55
MidoruMidoru Excellent!
+0 March 02 2016 23:41:24 MidoruWade
So kind of you to give a listen Midoru. Thanks!
March 01 2016 22:56:08
RobMRobM Most Excellent !
+1 March 02 2016 23:40:56 RobMWade
Thanks Rob. I certainly had a lot of fun with this.
January 09 2016 05:19:13
nuno1959nuno1959 Delicious template with a super tasty ''purring'' add that brings such warmth, adds depth & so much more
VERY cool vibes Master Wade !!

+1 January 09 2016 20:12:30 nuno1959Wade
Nuno! So good to hear from you. hopefully all going well with the new gear. Haven't heard much from you recently. Glad you like this one. Hope you have a great New Year my friend.
January 09 2016 23:39:15 nuno1959nuno1959
Been VERY busy & i get home so tired i just want to crash !!
MIDI programming new gear is dragging me down but i AM lurking around…. Grin Grin
Best Year Ever for you guys as well !
January 08 2016 18:42:45
pklieschpkliesch Very fine smoothy sound, Wade!
+0 January 08 2016 19:17:22 pklieschWade
Thanks! Haven't seen many tracks from you recently. About time we did something together?
January 08 2016 19:23:21 pklieschpkliesch
Most of the Time I have to work or feed my new born daughter. Would be great if we could collaborate once more, Wade! Try to do some tracks in the next time! smile.gif smile.gif
January 08 2016 13:14:12
barkndogbarkndog Ace!
+1 January 08 2016 19:16:10 barkndogWade
Hey Barkndog. Good to hear from you. Thanks for the listen and comment.
January 08 2016 09:44:38
LieschingLiesching Pure sax velvet! Love it! smile.gif
+1 January 08 2016 10:21:25 LieschingWade
Thanks Marc. You have such a way with words...even in another language!

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